Take First-Mover Advantage in TransactionalRSS

ShoppeSimple’s founder and CEO Jeff Giesener recently sent out this letter, and I thought I’d share it with you here on the blog:

Closing the Gap

ShoppeSimple client closing the gap with competitors
ShoppeSimple client closing the gap with competitors

Source: compete.com

In new technologies you hear about the term “first-mover advantage” – the first company in a market space to “own” a new communications media or sales channel is significantly ahead of their competitors — who pay a price to play catch-up in customer acquisition. You may see the above graph as a case in point. The chart measures site visits for a ShoppeSimple client (see the blue line) who began offering TransactionalRSS feeds in July 2009, and how they closed the gap between their competitors only after one month. Ask yourself… is your competitor looking to make a similar move against your business?

For a peek behind the curtain…you can see more retailers who are creating their own first-mover advantage at our beta site, www.shoppesimple.net.

Another word or two on Closing The Gap. There are many gaps to close in marketing today.  The buzzword in marketing today is “conversation”.  Social media gives you an unprecedented opportunity to hear and listen to your customers, become a part of conversations, spread your message and build your brand.  But marketers continue to face the challenge of converting conversation into sales.  A late 2008 Marketing Sherpa survey of social media marketers (as recapped by eMarketer) puts a spotlight on the issue.

ShoppeSimple closes the gap from conversation to conversion.  The ShoppeSimple TransactionalRSS (TRSS) Feed System combines widely used RSS technology with a proprietary SaaS-based publishing system which allows merchants to open an online channel to consumers and consumers who want merchant offers on their own time. It is inherently opt-in, anonymous and private for the consumer — and merchant offers can be accessed, purchased and shared through readers, browsers, from social networks and mobile devices.

That being said, a significant challenge for marketers is how to stay on top of all this social media buzz while maintaining margin, keeping business focus and increasing top and bottom line growth. At ShoppeSimple, we help our clients do all of the above with just one click. Our system delivers TransactionalRSS Feeds to your customer’s browser, reader, social network hub and mobile device of choice with just one click. We also help you monetize your social media assets. And all of it is done easily and with just a simple cut and paste from your website into ShoppeSimple’s TRSS Feed System. Learn more by checking out the videos at RSSCheck.com.

…I would welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts about our product and learn how we can improve upon what you saw in the demo.  To jump on board contact us at 612.349.2740 or email info@rsscheck.com.

Looking forward to having you come on board…