Stop Explaining, Just Give Us What We Want

The fact is that RSS use is growing fast.  And for good reason — it’s insanely useful.  But the term RSS still gets plenty of blank stares in casual conversation.  And that’s OK.   If you’ve checked out some of our client hubs, you’ll see that the ShoppeSimple customer landing pages don’t talk about RSS much either.

Because as online shoppers, we don’t want to know about technology, we want to get what we want — say, how to get great deals and connect with our favorite brands — on our own time — in a reader, browser or mobile device – without giving up our privacy.

You don’t need to understand much about “RSS” to ShoppeSimple with TransactionalRSS.  Just sign up and start using it.

If you’re selling online, you’ll want to know a bit more. We humbly suggest checking out our videos on the subject at our site (ShoppeSimple is a product of RSSCheck) which we think do a pretty good job of explaining RSS in general, and how ShoppeSimple helps you open up the TransactionalRSS channel.

Let us know what you think.