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…ideas by Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

As Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all continue to grow at exponential rates, the frequent question from Talent Acquisition Executives is “when should I begin to participate in Social Sourcing?”

What you SHOULD be asking is…

  • When is it the right time for a business to source socially?
  • How do I even start and what tools do I use?
  • I know LinkedIn is working for us, but should LinkedIn be the extent of my social Talent Acquisition?
  • If I build a Social Careers Center, how do I grow my Fan base?

Do you have a gut feeling that you are missing on a significant opportunity to build on the new super highways for Candidates to find your jobs using Social Networks?

At we have been counseling our clients on these points for some time now. It is also why our clients are signing up with us as they are starting the process of socializing their Talent Acquisition opportunities and learning how to grow their Social Candidate Fan base. Yes…as I said, this is much more than just using LinkedIn for your social recruiting efforts.

Our clients tell their story…

— Angela Blomquist – Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist –                                           Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.

“Based on our talent acquisition strategies and our desire to get more involved in social media, SourceMob is the perfect solution for us. I believe the exposure, along with the data that SourceMob’s solutions are going to provide, will be beyond what our expectations may be”.

Harvey Clay – Recruiting Manager – Eximer Technology Staffing

“Those who follow Eximer Technology Staffing Services have seen our attempts to establish a Social Media presence. We were “early adopters” of the Facebook Careers Page and of Twitter for broadcasting job openings and sharing Industry insights.  SourceMob is our choice as Partner as we expand our efforts to engage with more Professionals in the I.T. Community. Jeffery Giesener is a knowledgeable Consultant and he is rapidly becoming a Subject Matter Expert for Staffing Companies who want to adopt Social Media as a much needed tool in their Recruiting efforts. After much research, Eximer has decided on SourceMob as the best all-around solution for our Recruiting Strategy. We are excited to get started using the tools, and can’t wait to see the analytics and the expected results!”

— Everett Myers – CEO – Fruitshare

“We know that our social engagement and conversations need to also happen on our social channels and not just forcing them to come to our Corporate Site”.

Getting in front of the curve…

Now is the time tobe “in front of the social recruiting curve”, building and managing your Social Career Centers (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile) before your competitor beats you there. If you move quickly, you will benefit from the first mover advantage and get the best Candidates who are currently looking for jobs on social networks.

Here’s why: a recent Pew study indicates 49% of employed Americans are looking for a job on social networks. Last year 1 our of 6 jobs were sourced from Social Media and Pew also indicated that in the late 2000’s, the percentage of companies integrating their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with their Social recruiting strategies increased from 35% to 75%.

The simple fact is that Social Talent Acquisition is here to stay. Make no mistake, your Candidates still want to engage with you around your job postings. But unlike the past, they now want to do it via their social networks. The Social Recruiting genie is out of the bottle and is never going back in.

Still not convinced? Still mentally sitting on the sidelines? Well I only have to take you back 10 short years to a day when many HR Pros said things like…

  • My Candidates are still looking for jobs in the newspaper.
  • Why would I move away from my tried and true cold calling techniques?
  • Email communications is too impersonal for the recruiting purposes.
  • A Company Career Center…come on?

Do some of these resonate with you? At SourceMob we can easily and quickly help you broaden your Talent Acquisition strategy to include Career Centers (which we build for you) on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile. And we do this without involving your IT Team and their budget, nor your HR management resources. In fact, the SourceMob solutions basically run on autopilot. We also provide you talent communities called SourcePools™, which capture relevant job category conversations and reduce your hiring cycle time.

To learn more check out our video at For a virtual or personal presentation simply ring me up at 612-249-2740 or email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jeffery Giesener



Twitter: @thegies