Social & Mobile Recruiting: The Facts Are In

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO • 2/21/14

Fact: Social­ and Mobile Talent Acquisition is here to stay.

Here’s why: a recent Pew study indicates that 49% of employed Americans are looking for a job on social media networks. Last year, one out of four jobs were sourced from social networks. 

The social and mobile recruiting g­enie is out of the bottle and is never going back.

Make no mistake… your job candidates still want to communicate with you. Today, however, they want to do it via their social networks and mobile phones.

Still not convinced? Still mentally sitting on the sidelines?

Five Short Years Ago…

Let’s go back 5 years to a time when many HR professionals said things such as…

  • “My candidates are looking for our jobs in the newspaper.”
  • “Why would I move away from my tried and true cold calling techniques?”
  • “Email communication is too impersonal for my recruiting purposes.”
  • “A company Career Center?!  Come on…I have my ATS apply page!”
  • “I can attract any candidate because everyone wants to work for my brand.”

As Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and mobile continue to grow at exponential rates (there are close to 3 billion global social profiles as of February 2014.  There will be 3 billion mobile connections by 2015), Talent Acquisition Executives frequently ask me, “When should I begin to participate in social and mobile recruiting beyond LinkedIn and CareerBuilder? How do I make it easy for my candidates to see my job posts and apply to them on mobile?”

What You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now…

  • What are my obstacles in sourcing socially beyond LinkedIn and CareerBuilder?
  • How do I start social recruiting and what tools do I use?
  • I know LinkedIn/CareerBuilder is working for my organization, but I also know we aren’t filling all of our open positions which is costing us opportunities and money. Why?
  • I know my Career Center, apply process and job posts are not mobile ready. This is causing candidate defection and costing us money. What do I do?

I have been counseling our clients on these points for years. That is why they are finding new and passive candidates from all of the major social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), major job boards, and professional development networks. In addition, our clients can easily capture mobile candidates’ applications and place them directly into their ATS.  This is all done automatically.

In today’s world of social and mobile recruiting, your best candidates find you and want to engage in conversations on their terms. This communication process is most likely completely different than what you are used to experiencing.

Why?  It is because your Internet, social and mobile savvy candidates now expect to receive your job posts wherever they hang out online. They also want to follow your jobs passively and have 1:1 online conversations with your recruiters in the social and mobile channel of their choice.

…That’s OK because the candidates that you hire from social and mobile have been found to have a higher stick rate, a reduced hiring cycle and are netted at a lower cost.

Getting in front of the recruiting curve…

Now is the time to be “in front of the social and mobile recruiting curve” before your competitors beat you there! When you start, you will get the highest quality candidates on social and mobile networks.

At SourceMob, we quickly help you broaden your Talent Acquisition efforts to include social Career Centers – which we build for you – on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and mobile. We also build specific career pages on social and mobile channels and help you market them.

Our recruiting solutions are executed without involving your IT Team (and their budget) or your HR management resources. In fact, these solutions essentially run on autopilot. We also provide you with your own Talent Community and a Job Alerts program where candidates can passively follow the job postings when and where they want.

Just imagine the hidden costs to your organization when you have numerous unfilled job openings. We guarantee that you will see a positive ROI from your SourceMob Talent Acquisition program with lowered recruiting costs and a reduction in your hiring cycle time.

To learn more about SourceMob, check out our video at For a virtual presentation, simply ring me up at 612-249-2740 or email me at or click here for more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jeffery Giesener