Social Media ripe for recruiting

ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple Sourcing

I’ve been in several meetings recently with Human Capital (HC) Professionals and although they are coming to these meetings with iPads, smartphones and other electronic WHOHA, I’m surprised how these recruiting Pros appear to be late-adopters when it comes to utilizing Social Media and Mobile for Talent Acquisition. (Social Media is more than just LinkedIn)

Eye-Popping Social Recruiting stats for 2010*

  • 18.4 Million Americans say Facebook got them their current job. This compares to 10.2 Million Americans got their jobs from LinkedIn and 8 Million Americans got their jobs from Twitter.
  • That’s the entire population of New York City, Los Angeles, Michigan and New Jersey combined. WOW!

More than 36.6 million jobs were landed through Social Media and the Social Recruiting industry is just in its infancy.

Social Referrals should be a huge part of your recruiting

As the power and reach of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Mobile continue to expand exponentially to become a breeding ground for external talent sourcing, they also provide an online resource for leveraging your best network…your current employees for job referrals.

Did you know that of all job candidates in 2010 (last full year reported)…*

  • 16% of them got a job referral on Facebook
  •  9% on LinkedIn
  •  6% on Twitter

It‘s obvious that each Social Media community and Mobile offer Human Capital Professionals methods to recruit and hire employees, but the true power of these Social and Mobile networks rests with there ability to tap into your satisfied employees and their Social networks. Imagine the level of reach you have when you leverage your employee network to reach and recruit the Passive candidate that your employees knows.

What ShoppeSimple Sourcing does in Talent Acquisition…

We provide a Social plug-in to any ATS that automatically repurposes your job postings to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile Career Centers that we build for you. With your permission, we simply tap into your existing ATS job posting data feeds, RSS feeds or data downloads and auto-populate your Social Career Centers. All of this is done without your HRIT resources and without any maintenance on your part during the implementation phase or through the ongoing program. The ShoppeSimple Sourcing program basically works on auto-pilot since all of your traffic is directed back to your ATS for the Apply function.

You get more Job Candidates at a fraction of the cost

That’s not all!  Our proprietary Social Sharing tools (permission-based and secure) enable your employees and Job Candidates to share your job postings with their Social and Mobile networks through Facebook Sharing, Tweeting, Texting, Google Circles, LinkedIn Follows and through email.

Engage Passive Job Candidates 365 days a year

Companies are posting job openings on the Facebook Wall which has very limited value since Wall posts get lost in all the other Shares and postings. Plus they are only visible in the ever-changing stream of posts for a very short time.

Did you also know your best Job Candidates are Super Social (150 contacts or more across multiple Social platforms) so posting jobs to the Facebook Wall doesn’t work well for these highly sought after Passive candidates.

So wouldn’t you want a fixed and private location for posting job openings on your Career Center? This way the job candidate(s) can easily place your Career Center on the left rail of their personal Facebook page so they know exactly where to find your job posts.

A “Like” from LEHRN

In early December, we presented our Human Capital Solution to the Leading Edge Human Resource Network (LEHRN) in Minneapolis and got a big thumbs up “Like”.  During the LEHRN meeting we made a BETA offer for our SaaS solution, which went over extremely well.

A BETA OFFER you can’t refuse…

We would like you to simply try the ShoppeSimple Sourcing for three months at no charge (with no long term commitments or sign-up contingencies).

All we’re asking from BETA partners in return is to provide feedback on the ShoppeSimple Sourcing program to validate its Social recruiting value.  And, as a BETA partner you will have the option to continue the service at a greatly reduced monthly subscription fee.

We are expecting a HUGE response to this offering so act now. Don’t be left behind!  I look forward to hearing from you by 15th. RESERVE NOW by calling me at 612-349-2740 or email me

Best wishes for a successful 2012,