Social Marketing ROI ready for 2010/2011 from ShoppeSimple

Forrester observes that marketing budgets are moving away from traditional media and being reallocated to more efficient online tools. This thought holds true even with big brand companies. In their words, “Marketers will allocate unused advertising dollar sinto investments like social marketing, innovation, research, customer service, customer experiences, and marketing-specific technology and IT staff, in order to further marketing’s strategic influence within their companies.”

Social marketing technologies are the new strategic business tools. In the next year, marketers will need to employ and get the most out of sophisticated technology solutions. In turn, these solutions will provide the metrics and results that will contribute directly to business success.

How does all this effect social marketing? Using integrated online tools, you can automate and streamline the social marketing process by socializing your website, email triggers, and enable your consumers to “Pull and Place” your dynamic content. offers templates and so on.

Integrated online social marketing tools can also share important data and metrics across all disciplines. Social and Mobile metrics can be leveraged to understand your social marketing and mobile programs.

Social messages that don’t make it to your consumer can negatively impact campaign ROI, and marketers simply can’t afford that.

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