Sitting On Your Hands…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO, ShoppeSimple

Are You Being Forced to Sit On Your Hands?

Ecommerce Marketers should always be in a position to personalize and distribute relevant content to wherever their consumers are.

But, is your online marketing team handcuffed by legacy technology, stagnant web architecture and aging websites?

Do your IT handcuffs hold back your marketers from doing their jobs more effectively and driving the most revenue for your business?

If you might be suffering from the above…read on…this blog post is for you…

Ecommerce Marketers Unite!

ShoppeSimple can help you build your own Surround-Sound™ Social Business platform that enables you to engage with consumers more deeply creating significant opportunities for your business to grow.

Surround-SoundTM Social Business

We make it easy for marketers to create and distribute relevant content to wherever their consumers are. We enable your consumers to personalize the category content they want to receive. The relevancy and targeting of the ShoppeSimple program increases consumer engagement as proven by client-reported increases in average order values, frequency of ordering, higher conversion rates and new customers.

It’s a Game-Changer for Ecommerce Marketers

ShoppeFetch is at the core of what makes ShoppeSimple so different. The ShoppeFetch toolset provides marketers with the technical ability to quickly respond to the unique needs of targeted consumer groups on their own. They no longer need the IT department or Web Team to making things happen. This innovative IT SaaS solution provides new marketing horse power for your ecommerce team and total control over all marketing touch points to drive more sales.

With ShoppeFetch the marketer essentially “vacuums” all of the relevant data off their site (without the involvement of IT) and then based on their unique requirements repurposes this targeted data on branded landing pages created on-the-fly.

Our patent-pending, content creation and publishing engine writes once and distributes content everywhere with just one click. Imagine if your business could solve many of its user-experience, IT and web infrastructure issues quickly (in weeks not months), at such a low cost (monthly subscriptions start at $500) and without any implementation fees. Now it can!

ShoppeFetch also includes a proprietary analytical reporting package that provides relevant, dynamically generated data so you can drive your own analytical bus. Now, you can grow all of your online marketing channels in ways that may have seemed impossible in today’s business climate.

I welcome the opportunity to visit with you soon about driving new incremental revenue for your Holiday season. And, if you call us in the next week you can even be up and running before Thanksgiving! Just call me at 612-349-2740 or click here to email me and get started.