ShoppeSimple Converts 1 of 5 Visitors into Customers–20% New to File

What if you could add a feature to your website that would convert one of every five people who click on it into new customers?  What if it was free to implement, with only a transaction fee for what is actually sold? What if it was easy to use, and didn’t take up valuable IT resources, so that you could focus on Marketers and Merchants?

ShoppeSimple clients put our icon on their homepage and in their emails, with an offer to sign up for the latest deals or product exclusives.  We took a sample of ShoppeSimple clients and looked at who clicked on the icon and made a purchase.  We found that 15% to 25% of these buyers were new to file; the rest were customers who’d bought from them in the last 12 months — and chose to buy again.

We’re seeing that ShoppeSimple helps clients:

* Grow their site traffic.
* Increase order frequency.
* Increase average order value.

This is opt-in marketing that works. This is what we mean when we say that ShoppeSimple means ‘really simple sales.’