SEO for Recruiting: Decoding Vendor Keywords and Marketing Nonsense

When your vendor talks about SEO for Recruiting, what they really mean is that SEO for Recruiting is one of those terms that sounds really cool, even though they have no idea what the hell SEO for Recruiting actually means.  Which is ironic, because they’re using excellent keyword density. They always do.  At least according to this research that’s conveniently protected by a firewall.

Here’s how to decode some of the highest ranking, highest volume, but mostly meaningless messaging used by HR Technology vendors. Because you don’t want to be collateral damage when it comes to product marketing.

SEO For Recruiting: 20 HR Tech Marketing Definitions

Customer First: Our product sucks, but we’re good people.

Innovative: We’re trying to cash in on this trend before the next big thing.

Scaleable: We can fit whatever size deal you’re looking for.

Integrated: Stuff we sell only works with other stuff we sell. And LinkedIn.

Cutting Edge: No one needs our product. Yet. Better safe than sorry.

Best in Breed: We win the dog and pony show with marketing.

Configurable: You get to choose where the worthless widgets go.

Secure: No one can ever access your information. Not even you.

Freemium: We haven’t figured out how to make money off this yet.

Dynamic: We don’t know what we are, but we aren’t what we were.

Data Driven: When you’re dealing with numbers, you don’t need design.

Talent Network: It’s not spam if you don’t unsubscribe. They won’t.

Self Service: Why should you be the one to have to call the 800 number?

Mobile: Our website works on a smart phone.

Global: The face guys are by the Bay. We rent the rest.

Award Winning: We paid a lot of money to an association or analyst once.

Organic: Our code is consistently crappy, but we wrote it ourselves.

Market Leader: You can’t have competitors when you invent a problem.

Built to Last: We’ve finally given up trying to get acquired.

Game Changing: We make up the rules because there aren’t any.

Feel free to add your own if you’re not selling software, and if you are, then by all means, tell me why I’m wrong and add a few cross links in there, just for the sake of SEO for recruiting.  Come on, you know what I’m talking about.  Right?