RSS and TransactionalRSS – What’s the Difference?

When people here about ShoppeSimple, the first question they ask is often, “Why can’t we just do this ourselves?”

The answer: It’s not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of work to make RSS for commerce as easy as it is with ShoppeSimple’s TransactionaRSS (TRSS).

In its research, ShoppeSimple has found that of the handful of major online merchants who created their own version of transactional RSS, they spent 6-12 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy.  ShoppeSimple’s TransactionalRSS system is an SaaS platform that can have clients publishing feeds in 10 days.

The major difference between standard RSS and TransactionalRSS is that where RSS is designed for simply publishing and presenting news, ShoppeSimple’s system is designed to open the TransactionalRSS sales channel for merchants and consumers, and to give marketers — not IT — the publishing tools and analytics they need to manage it.

In a nutshell, unlike traditional RSS, TRSS enables marketers to:

  • Publish product offers without waiting for IT resources.
  • Control product and brand presentation without reformatting.
  • Get TRSS feed and sales analytics, detailed and daily.
  • Schedule feed distribution in advance, daily, or even multiple times each day.
  • Integrate feeds with the shopping cart.
  • Use and repurpose existing online product data, for the TRSS channel, when and they want.
  • Gain new customers through the portal.
  • Be seen when and how the customer wants — on social networks, browsers, web portals or mobile devices.

And, of course, ShoppeSimple’s TransactionalRSS is great for consumers — an easy, private and anonymous way to explore the latest offers and deals from the brands and product categories they want.  And it’s always relevant and always opt-in because the customer chooses the feeds and chooses when and how they review them.

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