Remember Checks and Phone Calls…ideas from The ShoppeSimple Network

Those of us who have been around long enough will remember the following…

1.     Merchants took cash,checks and later added credit cards. Why?

2.     Merchants replaced direct dial phone numbers with 800 numbers. Why?

3.     Merchants opened an ecommerce website. Why?

Well, there were incredibly compelling reasons to spend money on new marketing services like the above, despite the skepticism of the operation’s people.  In fact, today you wouldn’t even consider opening a business without using any or all of the above services.

When each of these services launched, there were lots of skeptics including IT, Operational, Financial Skeptics and Managerial but the reasons why the marketers won them all over was that these new services either increased new customers, raised average orders, created more orders or all of the above. Bottom line they generated more profits than their respective costs.

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So why am I bringing up the past and placing it onto the discussion table today? Well, if you could increase your business using the next ground breaking marketing idea and it worked like 1, 2, and 3 above would you do it? Would you slay the skeptics in your business? My hope is you should! History does repeat itself…

So what is the next new marketing idea?

Well you may know it as the Pareto Principle: that 20% of our consumers make up 80% of your sales.

If you are aware of Pareto than why is your business so interested in attracting brand new customers over selling more to the customers they already have? If so then shouldn’t you be maximizing the opportunity to drive more sales from consumers that are already touching your business?

You may be thinking, so where do I find these consumers? Here are four places to look…

1.     Consumers who come into your stores and leave without buying

2.     Consumers who visit your website but defect without buying

3.     Consumers who have given you their email address but have not bought

4.     Consumers who are lurking on your Facebook/Twitter pages but have not bought

But identifying these consumers is simply the first phase to marketing to them and converting them to be a new customer. First…let’s step back and realize that at this point you have zero revenue from any of these consumers even though they have touched your business.

So how do you turn these consumer touches into new BUYERS? Well that is where The ShoppeSimple Network becomes your Trusted TESTIMONIAL solution to help drive new consumers to your business.

At The ShoppeSimple Network through (our consumer portal) your consumers can now browse offers that you put in front of them. These consumers pull and place these offers/content where and when they want to receive them.  They also buy with more frequency and at higher average orders because these offers/content are highly targeted and relevant to them.

Through your branded ShoppeHub page on, (Claire show a link to the ShoppeHub page here > consumers enjoy choosing exactly what offers or content they want and then place these offers on their personal social pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo for their group of friends to also see and share.  This is the power of Trusted Referrals They can also text these offers/content to their mobile friends and/or email the contact list.

What happens next is the exciting power of viral marketing…

What do I mean, well the ShoppeHub facilitates new customer orders from consumers you never knew because customers and their friends share your offers through your ShoppeHub page on  The ShoppeHub page develops Trusted Testimonials for your business and new customers. has become the consumer’s “TRUSTED” connection to your business because they know their data is protected; as consumers stay anonymous, private and enjoy this new shopping experience.  It has proven time itself to work time and again and it will work for your business too.

And it works fast because our program can be up and running for your business in less than 10 days with no implementation fees of any kind nor any IT resources needed from your side.  You just pay one affordable monthly fee without any commissions, maintenance fees or tolls of any kind.

Yes…we all know the POWER of REFFERALS…they SELL!

So are you still a skeptic?

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Social Commerce is more than the latest buzz word its all about Trusted TESTIMONIALS

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