Recruiting on Facebook

… HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

We all know the Facebook story (I would recommend the movie “The Social Network” if you haven’t seen it). This year, Facebook added its 1 billionth member. One out of every dozen people around the world has a Facebook account. These potential Candidates speak 75 languages and last month Facebook accounted for 1 out of 4 American Internet page views.
Now of course, Talent Acquisition Pros, (at least early adopters from all over the globe), are licking their chops at the opportunity to tap these Candidates who additionally spend over 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook.

Stop…Freeze! How much time are YOU spending recruiting on Facebook?

How does Facebook fit into your Talent Acquisition efforts?

  • Does it mean you can apply the same traditional recruiting rules to Facebook Social Recruiting?
  • Does it mean you should push a fire hose of job posts at Candidates on Facebook?
  • Does it mean you will force your Facebook Candidate to return to your Corporate Career Site to engage them in job conversations, applies and hiring process?

Heretic or Sleep Walking?

So who is the Heretic for Social Recruiting on your Talent Acquisition Team? Yes…the one whom persistently STANDS UP as the advocate for Social Recruiting. Who is also going to be the one to advocate that money be budgeted for Social Recruiting?

Is it YOU? Shouldn’t it be YOU? If not you then WHO?

Who on your Talent Acquisition Team…

  • Knows what your Career Analytics are telling you about your Social career sites?
  • Knows how to perform a Candidate Experience review of your current ATS solutions and understands what the review is telling you?
  • Knows how to lower your Cost Per Hire?

Don’t Be Fooled…Your ATS Is Not The Answer…

Is your ATS solution pushing chronological job posts to your Facebook Timeline or into a job app hanging off Facebook?

  • But don’t your Candidates deserve better?
  • Why would you want to push irrelevant job posts at your best Facebook Candidates?
  • And if you believe a Candidate can search your jobs on Facebook, is this the best Candidate experience for them?

Or are you just being led by your ATS Company to determine your Social Experience and strategy?

  • In the past did your ATS solution effectively streamline Candidate processing?
  • Does your ATS solution help you define ROI, lower defection rates and reduce your Cost Per Hire?

Is your ATS provider even talking about those metrics when they are talking about Social Recruiting? I doubt it.

Wouldn’t you like to test something more innovative? From my seat it all starts with receiving permission from your Candidates to deliver relevant job posts and conversations to their personal Profile Pages on Facebook and Mobile. That means you are not hitting them with job posts they don’t want or forcing them to return to your Career site to see your jobs or to apply.

If after reading the above you are still convinced that pushing job posts to Candidates on Facebook while also forcing them back to your career website is the appropriate strategy for this new social decade, sadly I am afraid you will be missing what is going on in Social Talent Acquisition and your organization may be Sleep Walking.

At SourceMob we have cracked the code around providing a relevant Candidate Experience in both Social and Mobile. We first do this by identifying the Business Intelligence of your Candidate Experiences. Then we can pivot your Talent Acquisition efforts to lower your defection rates while also lowering your Cost Per Hire.


In fact, I will guarantee that you will lower your Cost Per Hire.

In just a brief conversation, we can assess the opportunity for your business to tap into Social Recruiting and you’ll learn how our other clients have experienced a lower Cost Per Hire. To know how you can join and be part of SourceMob simply respond to this email or give me a call 612-349-2740.



Jeffery Giesener



Twitter: @SourceMob

ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob links Internet, social, talent community and mobile recruiting solutions to help talent acquisition professionals recruit the very best candidates for tough-to-fill positions.  SourceMob software distributes job content and conversations providing a job posting springboard to over 3.5 million candidate profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and all of the major search engines. Our solutions also enable Mobile Quick Apply and candidate application management services to create efficiencies and lower recruiting costs.