Reasons to Recruit Using a Talent Community/CRM

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

Do you feel like you’re not attracting, engaging and connecting with your top tier job candidates? If so, talent communities and candidate relationship management (CRM) solutions may be the missing ingredient in your recruiting strategy. True talent communities/CRM solutions facilitate two-way communication between employers and candidates. This is something that is unmatched in standard recruiting practices.

Of course, talent communities/CRM solutions can’t be built in a day. In addition – to produce a positive ROI – they require nurturing and consistent management.

Here is a tip: If you are using a talent community through your ATS, CareerBuilder or another third party aggregator, you are missing a major opportunity to attract talent! Why? It is because each of these solutions requires a candidate to complete a job application and log in to qualify themselves into your community. The result is massive defection! You are neglecting the candidates who simply want to follow your jobs passively or want to engage with your recruiters without formally applying to a specific job?

Below are just a few reasons why talent communities/CRM solutions should be included in your social recruiting strategy:

1. Your Talent is Already Present and on Mobile

Did you know that half of job seekers spend anywhere from 6-25 hours looking for positions and 9 out of 10 job seekers spend all of that time online? In fact, according to Google, more than 25% are now searching for jobs on mobile.

…“OK, Jeff, those stats represent the active candidate, but do you have a passive job seeker strategy?”

For candidates in today’s recruiting world with web, social networking and texting opportunities available to them, your “old school” methods of sourcing leads (through job aggregators, portals like LinkedIn and emailing/cold calling) without permission are outdated and a irritate your best potential candidates.

2. Using a Talent Community/CRM Makes Candidate ↔ Employer Communication [Much] More Efficient

With a permissioned talent community/CRM solution, you will be able to identify candidates who are already “fit” to apply.

Here is why:

  • They have already given you permission to interact with them through permissioned social, mobile, text, and email campaigns.
  • They are already engaging in conversations with you.
  • You can directly connect with them and demonstrate your company’s brand, values, culture, and mission.

The most interested job seekers – many of which are passive candidates – will have the opportunity to engage 1:1 with your recruiters, demonstrating their true value and capability to fulfill the requirements of a posted job. In your own talent community/CRM, you will be able to distill your candidate pipeline down to those who consistently follow your brand and display a passion to work with your organization in the specific field they have chosen.

3. Candidates Want You To Notice Them

Candidates prefer searching online (through “trusted” social and mobile platforms), but where do they go once they’ve decided they’d love to work with your company? SourceMob analytics prove that while certain hiring channels – including social media, mobile, referrals, and job boards – influence job seekers, the majority of them will still visit your company’s career page(s) first.

Heading straight to the company career page is not a bad thing, but consider these questions:

  • Does your career page(s) provide the HR branding and candidate experience that will persuade your best candidates to apply? …Hopefully you are not simply pushing people straight to your ATS page!
  • Does your career pages(s) let your best candidates know that your brand is social and mobile friendly?
  • Can your candidates apply on their mobile device from your job pages?
  • Does your career page(s) facilitate a level of engagement and two-way conversation with candidates?
  • Does your career page(s) give your candidates the opportunity to connect with your brand and provide them the opportunity to get noticed?

Candidates today want to show off their personal brand, make lasting connections with your recruiters and differentiate themselves from others. Your talent community/CRM solutions should allow them to offer more than just a resume and cover letter. Let them be themselves!

4. “Passive Candidate Filtering”

Talent community/CRM solutions allow you to passively meet and screen candidates one-on-one. Using video to meet candidates is a new trend. These interactions not only allow you to listen, watch and interact with your candidates, but you will get a better understanding of their opinions, their professional experience and even their career aspirations.

The “buzz” around talent community/CRM solutions isn’t new yet most companies have yet to enable them. Building your own talent community/CRM encourages enhanced two-way communication and engagement between your recruiters and your potential candidates.

The Bottom Line: With your own talent community/CRM, you will have more quality hires at lower costs. In addition, knowing more about your candidates before the interview process will lead to an increase in conversions.

To learn how SourceMob’s Talent Community/CRM will lower your overall recruiting costs, provide a demonstrable ROI and reduce your hiring cycle time, simply sign yourself up here. There are absolutely NO strings attached and there is no credit card needed.

So what is the catch? There is none!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jeffery Giesener