Pleasing your HR Boss…Not!

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO


CEO to Bob, the VP of Talent Acquisition: “Ah Bob, I agree with you now and believe we need to be on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and let’s also start a candidate blog. You know Bob, I know our candidate pipeline is not where it should be. I see our competitors are all over social recruiting and their snapping up the best candidates … so obviously the missing ingredient for our recruiting is social sourcing, so get to it.”

Bob: “You got it, we’ll get started right away.”

Fast-forward a quarter or two after the company attempted social recruiting.

CEO to Bob: “Bob, our candidate pipeline is still not where we need it to be, what’s going on? Why hasn’t social media helped our applicant flow like it has our competition? I just spoke to CEO Joe and he is getting great talent from social. Fix this Bob!”

Bob: “Um… yes Boss!”

Bob to his talent acquisition team: “Your heard the boss — how are we going to fix social recruiting?” Talent Team: “More um, more deer in the headlights!”

Has a similar discussion happened inside your organization or your talent acquisition team? Or worse yet, directly with your CEO? Is your social and mobile HR marketing generating the candidate flow you’re expecting? If not, why?

Maybe you just switched to a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which made all of the social promises, but again didn’t deliver. Even with a new ATS pushing social jobs, you are again nowhere closer to be found by social candidates, and according to your CFO, you have little or no social ROI. Oh Boy. Plus, why is your new ATS company not answering your social ROI questions?

If Not … Why Not?

My online experience dates back to the mid-90s, way before anyone was talking about online job boards, pay-per-click recruiting programs, LinkedIn, Facebook or using social media to recruit for candidates. As my colleagues can recall, it was all about putting a job ad in the newspaper.

As part of my role at SourceMob, I provide consulting for our clients. I consult and use multiple proprietary IT recruiting solutions, ROI/social listening analytics, HR marketing, social, CRM and mobile solutions that have proven to provide a positive ROI to CEOs. It is the key to why our clients stick with us over multiple years.

I also help my clients understand their specific career recruiting objectives. In addition, I help them discover why their current recruiting programs are not generating the results they expect, even when they have just moved into a new ATS, in the hope that it would solve their recruiting and social challenges. For many clients, I put their social and mobile recruiting strategy in place and further assist in helping execute their HR marketing efforts. All of my work is 100 percent guaranteed and I put my wallet where my mouth is.

Reasons why your recruiting program may not be working…

  • Recruiting is about candidate engagement wherever candidates are online, in social or on mobile. It is not about spraying job posts at them.

For those not succeeding with social or mobile, we find that the thought process has typically fallen into the philosophy that “candidate engagement has to happen on my career website.” I also hear that “candidate applies must happen on my career web page,” or “the candidate experience is sorely lacking everywhere as it was an afterthought.”

For mobile, it’s likely for some that all of the company focus is about building career apps (but which ones? Apple or Android?), along with a “field of dreams” mentality around how to originally promote and then re-promote your upgraded apps and have candidates find you on mobile.

This is the dirty little secret of the native mobile app business, especially when you have platform changes, i.e. Apple 5 to 6. This is how you get sucked into constant technology spending, by maintaining native apps. Why? Because you will be constantly spending to upgrade your platform and spend more and more money on marketing your apps, as candidates need to be told to continue to download your new apps. This is a hidden expense and is off your original budget.

Now the native apps guys will say, “Phooey — not true — native apps now auto-download.” Well if that is the case, why do I manually have to trigger certain apps that I have on my phone to update? You can see the dilemma and paradox of these native apps, and none of this is the case with browser-based, mobile-responsive solutions.

Browser-based Apps versus Native Apps

To be even more crystal clear, my suggestion is to avoid native apps all together and use browser-based apps to deliver a seamless mobile experience for all of your candidates, whether on Android or Apple. But you don’t have to believe me. Just try it for yourself. Ask native app companies how many clients stick with them over a three-year period?

In fact, as an aside, those companies who still block social from inside the company are beginning to realize that their employees can easily use their mobile devices to get on social channels, or worse, look for competitive jobs.

Now holding firm to an archaic mindset that “everything must happen on my career website” is like setting your sourcing to fight against the exponential growth tide of social and mobile. If you truly believe you can position your recruiting efforts to fight against the social battleground of 3.5 billion-plus profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, along with mobile penetration worldwide, I have some social swampland to sell you in Arizona.

  • Recruiting should be all about distributing relevant career engagement and conversations to your candidates. It shouldn’t be about spraying them with a fire hose of alpha or chronological job postings from your ATS. Worse yet, why post them to your corporate marketing social page? Dp you think your candidates want to see sales coupons and promotions from your marketing department, before career content that is targeted to why they should work at your company?

No Two Talent Organizations Are Alike…

Through my consulting, I have yet to find two organizations that are alike. Yet most ATS solutions treat all candidates the same. ATS solutions were never built for candidates, they were built for recruiters by recruiters, and yes, you can frankly tell. All you have to do is apply to your own jobs through your own ATS, or one that is being pitched to you, and then try to do it on your desktop, laptop or on your mobile device. I’m afraid what you discover will be telling.

Doing your own homework is key to succeeding in social recruiting.

I get calls and emails all the time from readers asking for my opinion on their own recruiting situations, and it is why our webinars are so popular. I would be happy to help you steer these difficult navigational waters, as I do with most of my clients. In fact, I solve these challenges and put my “skin in the game” to do so.

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