No Time To Do HR Marketing?

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One of the things we hear time and time out in the many webinars we offer is that Recruiters do not either have the time, know how or people resources to do proper HR Marketing…

It’s such a common problem for many organizations… Not having the time to do things!

We tend to do the things we enjoy first… And put everything else off until last…

Or worse… Until it’s too late!

I know even in my personal life this is a factor…

I can list endless things that need doing but I just haven’t got round to doing it yet…

And I can also give you an equally endless list of reasons as to why not to…

But the truth is, they’re all just excuses that I use to rationalize certain decisions I’ve made,

And if you’re Talent Acquisition, the same is going to ring true in your work process…

What most Recruiters tend to do is focus a large proportion of their time doing the things they enjoy rather than the things that actually draw in the specialized candidates they are searching for!

But bear in mind, if you don’t spend time on HR Marketing there will be no point in spending your time on the aspects of the business you enjoy because you will not meet your candidate goals…

And no candidates’ potential could mean no job.

I happen to love HR Marketing… So perhaps finding the time to work with my direct clients invest comes easy to me and my SourceMob Team.

The thing is, I think most Talent Acquisition Pros would agree that there is no better feeling than a flood of candidates coming through your door at once.

Or your Boss telling you you’re doing a good job because they’re so pleased with the results you’re getting for the organization. It kind of makes it all worth it.

It makes those long day and nights working a small price to pay.

But you don’t get any of that without HR Marketing.

I fell in love with HR Marketing so much in fact it changed my whole recruiting model to the point where I have a whole HR Marketing plan developed for each of my clients their budget for 2016.

It’s like exercise in some ways I guess.

Trust me investing time into HR Marketing needs to be embedded in you – just like brushing your teeth in the morning!

And if you’re looking for a place to get started, look no farther than SourceMob and its Team of HR Marketing Experts. You can also learn how to do this yourself in our many educational webinars. Check out

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Post by Terry Edwards edited for HCM by Jeffery Giesener