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…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Last week we asked prospects the questions below around sourcing their IT positions. Below are some of their answers.

Question 1: Are you finding enough qualified IT candidates? Answer: No

Question 2: Are you currently paying IT recruiter commissions? Answer: Yes

Question 3: Are you using Social Media for recruiting? Answer: Yes – Only LinkedIn

Question 4: Are you trying to find efficiencies to reduce your cost? Answer: Obviously Yes

Do you see consistencies in these answers?

For an example, if IT sourcing is one of your most challenging area and your positions are open perhaps for as long as 3-6 months:

  • How can you be happy with the state of your recruiting?
  • Or why would you consider using LinkedIn as your exclusive social recruiting source and why do you think their costs are reasonable or efficient?
  • Why would you not be trying to reduce hiring cost through other social channels, work on mobile recruiting and other process efficiencies?

A Case Study For Better or Worse…

Here is how the C-Level execs answered the questions: Are they familiar in your organization?

Boss 1 said to his Director, “heck, we are getting all of the candidates we need in the way we are doing it today. I don’t see a reason to change course.”

Boss 2 said, “it is already two expensive or to time consuming for us to extract new feeds from our ATS platform. We need to pass on social”.

After I hearing these responses, I kind of just shook my head and asked had they thought about how both social and mobile recruiting will influence their candidate experience over the next 2 years when…

70% of candidates are already searching for jobs on Mobile and Tablet devices?

The Millennial generation will be 50% of the workforce by 2018 according to Forrester.

As you would know, the speed of innovation in web, community,social and mobile based recruiting is hitting Talent Acquisition Teams and HR executives at a dizzying pace. Many organizations are simply struggling to understand what to do next or even what to do first?

Have you asked yourself why this is happening? It is because you are no longer in control or your own recruiting experience. Your candidates are now driving your sourcing bus. They want to see your jobs where they want them (on social and mobile) and that’s wherever they are online. They are also determining how and when they will engage with you.

So if you take the extreme positions above and blind your organization to new social and mobile innovation, it is just like forcing your candidates to jump through hoops in order to work for you. And it is hoohey to believe just because you are the number one or two brand in your space that of course everyone needs/wants to work for you. Industry surveys say it may be just the opposite.

Answering the questions above…

Don’t see any reason to change”, from my point of view taking the “don’t need to change” make it clearly visible that sooner or later your organization is about to be toast and perhaps you will start to see an exodus in your Talent Acquisition Team. Case in point: This is exactly what happened. A month after our first conversation, the Boss complained to me that a couple of key people had left his organization. Can you guess why? Culture block around lack of innovation.

“LinkedIn is our solo source for Social Recruiting”: Hmmm… with Facebook having 1.3B+ profiles, Twitter 233+ Million, Google+ just having surpassed the 1 Billion profile level+ and Mobile by 2015 having 3 Billion connections these social and mobile oceans (all outside of LinkedIn), I’ll ask the question back to you, why would you want to exclude any of these social and mobile oceans from your talent acquisition efforts? The real trick is knowing how to source in these oceans to catch the fish you want.

If you need help building or leap frogging where you are today with a fresh innovative web, social and mobile recruiting strategy that nets both passive and active candidates at an ROI you will enjoy, simply give me a ring or email and I would be happy to have a conversation with you. Just call me at 952-417-6955 or email me at

But I still sense hesitation. Why is that?

Is It The “F” FACTOR

The FEAR of the UNKNOWN. Is it the lack of knowledge around social and mobile recruiting that is holding you and your organization back? Is it because you don’t know who to get help from to bring social and mobile into your company?

Is that OK? NO! That’s why SourceMob has an extensive Webinar Series to answer any question you and your team has all around social, web, community, analytics and mobile recruiting. So don’t feel you are alone. Helping educate our Industry is why we are growing and it’s FREE.

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