Known Moons…

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Many evenings you can see along the horizon the “evening star” called Venus. Above Venus is the planet Jupiter, which has more than 60 known moons.

Don Peppers from a recent blog post states, “The solar system is a network of planets, each of which has its own network of moons, so it provides a analogy for social networks, which are also networks of networks.”

Should your company be engaged in Social Talent Acquisition?

Should you be jumping on the Social Talent Acquisition bandwagon? Frankly, NO. But read on…

Based on my career experience, you shouldn’t jump into Social Talent Acquisition unless you are ready to dive into the water from the deep end. This isn’t “toe in the water” stuff.

Diving in means your Team is ready…

  • to participate, champion and manage this new Social space for better and for worse
  • to participate and monitor Social conversations on your Career Sites in a timely fashion
  • to try new things and not look over its shoulder or get bogged down with cultural or organizational obstacles or politics

I know all of the above are easier said than done. But to start, who on your Talent Acquisition/HR Team is going to hit the Board Room table or your Leadership team and challenge your business to dive into Social Talent Acquisition? Who will be your Social Champion?

Case in point: when I worked for DoubleClick in the late 90’s early 2000, I often heard Fortune 1000 companies say, “eCommerce? Heck, I will stay with my stores or my catalog. Spending time on this eCommerce thing–come on Jeffery, you got to be kidding. We make all our money with stores or catalogs.” Look what has happened just a decade later. Where are these stores and catalog businesses now? Many are simply gone!

Embracing Talent Acquisition…

Unless you are willing to embrace Social Talent Acquisition (and that means also marketing to drive candidates to your Social Career sites), why bother starting? Ahh…I can hear your thoughts. It’s Kevin Costner’s dilemma in the film Field of Dreams: “if I build it, will they come?”

Everyone knows, of course, that “network marketing” is the best way for your Candidates to find out about job openings and career opportunities. But is there a way to leverage your current employee to generate visits to your Social Career Centers?

The answer is yes, and it’s called Talent Acquisition Marketing. Almost 30 years ago, a landmark study by Granovetter called “The Strength of Weak Ties” showed conclusively that the best leads for job opportunities are more likely to come from your more distant colleagues and friends, as opposed to your closest ones. This isn’t because your close friends don’t give you good recommendations, but because you and your other close friends are more likely already to know about the same job openings, while the job openings known to your more distant colleagues–those with whom you don’t interact very often–are not as likely to be known to your own friends.

So why is this all important? It’s exactly how Social networking will work to find you Candidates who won’t find you on their own. Simply put, your best source of Passive Candidates is your employees’ networks, and your success rests upon enabling them to virally spread your job postings and Social Career Centers. At SourceMob we call this creating SourcePools™, and it’s what we do best.

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