Jack Welch says HR is the # 1 most important department in a company

“Lessons on winning and profitability from Jack Welch.”

The post does a great job of describing Welch’s core business values, including the number one social responsibility of a company: winning and being profitable.

Let’s dive a bit more into Welch’s views on HR. He believes that “HR is the #1 most important department in a company” and that “HR is the driving force behind what makes a winning team”. We agree 100%.

Most companies want to grow to become the winners. How do you become a winner? You must have the best team. How do you get the best team? Hire the best HR leaders to hire the best team.

Welch’s beliefs prove how important hiring really is. And it doesn’t stop there. The importance of a typical HR job description continues on to training and making sure employees develop into great assets and leaders. Welch states that, “their job is to sit in every meeting, be involved in every part of the business equation.” This right here is enough to keep someone working around the clock, and that’s not even half of the requirements on the job.

Who has time to do all this?  Stick with the best hires only and automate the process! By now you’re probably tired of hearing that referrals are the number one source of hire. But they didn’t get that title for nothing. Referrals bring the highest employee retention rates, highest quality employees and other great benefits.