Is Your HR Budget Flat for 2015 and 2016?

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Over the last month giving presentations, it has become readily apparent that most companies are budgeting single-digit HR budget increases or keeping their budgets flat for 2015 and 2016.

Is this the case for your company too?

So, what are you going to do inside of this budgetary constrained environment, when you have a ton of pressure on top of it all?

  • Produce more recruiting results?
  • Increase the headcount?
  • Lower your recruiting costs?

My discussions with these companies reminded me of my past, when there was never enough money to accomplish what your C-suite wants you to do. That typical mentality is an insatiable demand by senior management to increase career site visitation with new candidates, while also driving recruiting costs lower.

As Talent Acquisition Pros, what do we do? Well, with a fine toothcomb we showed clients how to analyze their Key Performance Metrics (KPIs). We looked at every portion of their sourcing business and determined if they in fact had analytic visibility that would enable them to determine where there ad spends were, how efficient they were and how effective they were in driving down visitation, cost per apply and hire.

Do you have the analytic platforms and analysts that can enable you to see where your spending is working and where it is not?

Do you have your analysts watching the “job campaign store” and providing you with weekly performance data (perhaps daily, depending on your job spending) to optimize your web, social, community and mobile visitation, along with lowering your apply and hire performance?

Here are two case studies that are on point and in a short moment, I will make you an Test Drive Offer that I hope you can’t refuse.

One way to overcome the flat-to-single budget allocation is for your team to nail down the money being wasted in your recruiting, and separate it from the money you are already spending in job campaigning.

The unique challenge however is being able to find it, see it and fix it. This is exactly where SourceMob provides value to its clients.

Here are the two case studies from SourceMob clients.

Case Study #1.

This client has not added a cent to their hiring budget (once working with SourceMob) in the last two years, however in each year they have increased hiring performance. How did they do it? They used SourceMob Analytic On-demand Trending Reporting and Return On Investment Recruiting Calculator™ (RORI) solutions to learn where their spending was working and where it wasn’t. For instance, do you know where you visitors are coming from on web job campaigns, social job postings, PR efforts, custom campaigns, LinkedIn ads and Recruiter Seats, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired and CareerBuilder job advertisements?

From the data provided by SourceMob the client realized they didn’t need a Talent Community package from Career Builder. As a result they saved $60,000 a year or 18 percent of their total recruiting budget. Additionally they used SourceMob Talent Community and Campaign Management Solutions to slow their recruiters from generating outside recruiting requests and as a result, saved outside recruiting commissions by another $50,000 or 14 percent of their overall recruiting budget. The total year one savings was $110,000. The cost of SourceMob to the client was $27,000 in year one.

Now, wouldn’t you want to be in a position to put these savings back into your budget? I am sure your CFO/CPO would like that money back. Your CEO would too.

Case Study #2.

This client didn’t have a candidate mobile apply solution when SourceMob started with them. They also didn’t have any analytics prior to our involvement to know how many visitors were coming to their career site or applying from mobile devices. They didn’t have a mobile career site.

As part one of our test to prove our value, we did the following: We built our SourceMob, Social, Community and Mobile infrastructure for them, including their custom branding and customization. Then we told them to use our solutions in their real-time environment for 60 to 90 days and see the results they would have. Obviously, all of the SourceMob solutions are completely tracked analytically.

For the first time we were able to show them key metrics, which they had never seen before. Metrics like unique and repeat visitation, mobile applies through our Mobile QuickApply™ solution, referring sources and quantity of monthly clicks, number of opens, views, total applies, Talent Community growth, along with career email and text alert Cost of Applies (CPA). This established the baseline of the program.

Then we enabled the Mobile Apply to work and the results were amazing, even to us. More than 15 percent of all their candidate traffic and applies came through mobile during month one. The result also blunted their significant 50 percent ATS defection. You can only imagine how much money was being wasted that they had no visibility to.

The result: without changing their budgets the client got many more candidate visits from all different sources, applies and hires. The SourceMob program was self-funded through filtering out hiring waste in their current program.

How much was the savings? 25 percent more. The client was so impressed they immediately signed up and they still continue to be a client three years later, renewing for two successive terms. We now have built their mobile career site as well.

In both cases with flat talent acquisition budgets, how did they afford the SourceMob solutions? Well, that was easy. It was all paid out of the savings they were enabling and they were easily able to justify the spending to their leadership team through our extensive ROI Analytics which SourceMob provides.

The SourceMob Test Drive Offer I Hope You Can’t Refuse!

Above I mentioned how SourceMob can turn your flat budgets into more applies and hires and 100 percent guarantee results. And we will do it with our skin in the game for qualified prospects. So why not give SourceMob a chance to run a similar Test Drive for you? I will guarantee you results or you won’t pay us a dime. Everything is 100 percent guaranteed. If you are not happy you can just leave at any time.

To get your Test Drive up and running simply and to learn details simply email me at or phone 952-417-6955 to set up a discussion with me. This Test Drive Offer is ONLY available through email or phone. So don’t delay, as this Test Drive Offer is available only through the end of August 2015.

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