Is Your Business 70% N 7? Ideas from the ShoppeSimple Network

A Bain research study found that 70% of CEOs believe their business delivers a superior customer experience, but only 7% of their customers agree.

A recent IBM study shows a complete perception gap between businesses and why they think people connect with them on social media, and why people actually do connect with them on social media. Businesses think people least connect for deals and to purchase, whereas people most connect for deals and purchase.

“Sixty-five percent of businesses view social media as a new source for revenue but, at the same time, many believe receiving discounts or coupons and purchasing products or services are among the least likely reasons a customer would seek them out on social sites.

Ironically, though, consumers say getting tangible value is the top reason they interact with a company, which is good news for those organizations hoping to monetize social media”

We have also found similar findings through our client cooperative, as customers connecting with you on social media should be about enjoyable shopping AND deals. These consumers want Daily Deals from your brand.

Social commerce is about managing customer relationships (we call it Sustaining Social CRM) – providing your customers with exclusive shopping opportunities and deals and not just pushing a barrage of self-congrats wall posts, tweets and ads.

At ShoppeSafe we do this not by filling up the Facebook Wall with deals but by respecting your consumer’s relationship with your brand on any and all of the social communities important to them. This includes mobile smart phone while also opening a special e-commerce channel on Facebook, Twitter, MyHome pages, specialized landing pages and our local, regional and national shopping portals. We call this enhancing your Social Management.

Our social commerce opportunity is also totally designed to move your best consumers to advocate status, those who want to do business with you and are happy to talk about your business.  The result totally avoids treating social and mobile marketing like a traditional sales channel.

While exclusive Deal-of-the-Day pricing and couponing is the obvious way to do this…there are also good reasons to offer your best customers (your promoters) your best prices because they are effectively your volunteer viral sales force.

  • What if you could be easily guiding your consumers to buy more from you using Sustaining Social CRM marketing service which enables you to maintain complete control of your daily deal  while consumers share it with others.
  • What if you could dynamically set the Daily Deals pricing, margin and frequency based on what makes sense for your business.
  • What if you could have at your fingertips a social and mobile management engine that eliminates the need for redundant social management headcount.
  • What if you could use a trusted social and mobile sharing engine that creates new conversations for your brand which leads to more business, more new customers, higher order values, higher order frequency and more daily brand impressions?
  • What if all of this social behavior was tracked with a sophisticated social and mobile analytical package so you can see how your social and mobile program is generating orders in real time.

Well, what I just described is ShoppeSafe. A focused and targeted enhanced Daily Deal marketing service for your business coupled with a Sustaining Social CRM remarketing engine. The ShoppeSafe service is designed for your business to not only get new customers but also to maximize the value of these customer relationships while also help you convert your current web traffic and email broadcasts not only into new buyers but help you increase their frequency of purchasing and lift your average orders. This has all been proven out through our analytics and client renewals.

Currently, a Deal of the Day site (like Groupon/Living Social) just delivers new customer traffic at your doorstep. This could be good or bad depending what you are paying for each customer. However, the fact does remain that you have made an investment in each of these consumers. This could be as much as $5-20 per customer. Now, the challenge for anyone’s business is how do you bring these customers back for another purchase and at better order levels.  Bottom line: how do you generate a return on your customer investment while also building a lasting customer relationship so you are not just getting one order (your first) from this buyer group?

At ShoppeSafe we have cracked the code on how you can do all of this. And our clients are benefiting from turning on Daily Deals and Sustaining Social CRM engines all at the same time. Baked into our solutions is a seamless social management sharing tool your consumers will really enjoy using.

To learn more, simply give us a call 612-349-2740 or email us at for a short presentation. I guarantee that you must be satisfied with the ShoppeSafe service or you won’t pay us a dime. Period End.

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CEO and Founder

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