Is Traditional Talent Acquisition Dying?

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Do you go to work feeling that that your business area is functioning in a stable world? That everything is looking bright in your Talent Acquisition space for the remaining 2015?

As a Talent Acquisition Leader are you innovating or are you mostly working to maintain the status quo?

By looking in your rear view mirror, have you been watching what has happened in the HR World over the last several years? In Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” he has described a new paradigm that has changed the playing field. He calls it “New Leverage”.

You know, finding your candidates used to be about pushing your jobs posts at you potential job seekers. It used to be about buying ads on Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn or other niche job boards. You placed ads on job boards where your candidates had to search to find them among thousands of other job posts. Then you forced your candidate back to your website, gave them a challenging Career Site experience or a really unenjoyable ATS search process and applicant process. You generally hoped for the best and frankly really didn’t know how many candidates and came and left without being caught in your talent nets.

But it is now 2015 and is this archaic sourcing process working for you now? Today’s “New Leverage” has moved to the candidate deciding where they want to have a connection/conversation with you and when. To looking for job posts on their own Social Networks where they are spending hours hanging out. Do you know even how to find these candidates in these new environs?

  • Are you seeing your candidates come back to you Website Career Center?
  • Can you tell?
  • Is your visitor count increasing or in decline?
  • Do you even know?

Are You Old School or New School?

Is Your Talent Acquisition Department Syncing Up With Today’s Candidates?

Many people admire what is new school, stylish and hip. These people often drag those who cling to the staid, the past, the respected into the future. But I know first hand for those people who insist on moving forward, it isn’t easy. It can be sometimes brutal and many just give up.

And if you haven’t noticed New School Social and Mobile Recruiting has been here for a while now. You obviously know that Facebook just passed 1.3 Billion users with 86 percent on mobile, there are now over 3.5 Billion (yes with a B) social profiles online today and Marin Software reported in a recent study that 30 percent plus of all Google Searches are now done on smartphone or Tablet device.

You can only imagine just how many candidates are searching for your jobs on their mobile devices. Did you know that 20% of mobile usage is done from home and that means a ton of usage is being done at your office (more than 40 percent of total smartphone usage). Did you also know that 20 percent of Facebook users put professional info on their profile pages? Six percent of job hunters got a referral on Twitter.

the “F” word…yes…FEAR!

So if you are like many of the companies we speak with, why are you waiting to move into Social Sourcing? Who is going to bang their fist on the conference room table and say “I am mad as hell and can’t take it anymore! Why are we loosing our great candidates to competitors who are social and mobile recruiting?

Of course, the shift to greater social connectness will continue to move forward in 2016 and beyond but at an increasing exponential rate. However is your Talent Acquisition Department and your Leadership moving to Social and Mobile? If not why?

At a recent conference I attended about Social Recruiting Talent Acquisition, not one of the 500 attendees was below the age of 30. Yes can you believe that one? As a result, a lot of the discussion about Social Sourcing was that of fear, skepticism and doubt over the return on social recruiting investment (ROI). Please…I asked the group are you still using your fax machine or do you not have a company website. Do you get my point?

As Industry Leaders, WE HAVE TO STEP UP AND MOVE ON dumping the Old School recruiting practices of the past!

So is the slowness to adapt to Social Sourcing due to…

  • FEAR of failure?
  • Unwillingness to try something that is out of your comfort zone?
  • Concern over your position or protecting it?
  • Because you are really not under pressure to make your hiring effort provide a return on investment or reduce your recruiting ad spend?

And as the Leader of your HR organization, now is the time to deploy new Social Leverage. We would welcome a conversation to discuss how we can help you enter Social Sourcing and do so in ways your organization will be comfortable and so will you. Simply lets talk. Ring me at 952-417-6955 or email Also check out our website at

Playing Catch Up or Leading Your Industry?

Today It Is Your Choice To Decide!

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