HR Trends To Watch For In ’14: Part II

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

This is part of my fourth annual SourceMob “Trends To Watch For” report for the social and mobile recruiting industry. Below, I will focus on the second group of innovations that your HR organization should employ in Q1, 2014.

This is the second installment of a two-part posting.

Trends To Watch For in 2014, Part One…

  1. Mobilize Everything
  2. Brand Your Career Pages  
  3. Stop Defection In Your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  4. Get Serious About Your HR Analytics

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Part Two…with tips!

5. Talent Community and Campaigns

Developing your own Talent Community has significant benefits for your talent acquisition efforts. Here are four key techniques to implement:

A)    Reduce your recruiting costs by first going to a pre-populated pool of candidates parsed by their specific skill level. Once your Talent Community is established, enabling permissioned-based campaigns tailored to specific audiences will keep you in touch with your passive candidates.

B)   Since you do not need to go through a full recruiting cycle for each new job requisition, your time to hire will be reduced.

C)   In his terrific new book Audience, Jeffrey Rohrs mentions a new social term called Proprietary Audience Development (PAD). He discusses a strategic vision around PAD where social and mobile channels are no longer managed separately but are unified to attract your ideal candidates. Whether you choose to insource or outsource your Talent Community communications, the key is to focus your efforts across all of your hiring marketing channels.

D)   Make sure that you control and own your Talent Community data.

6.    Recruiting Recent Grads, Seniors and Interns at Career Fairs

Putting yourself in front of the Millennium candidate is essential to your talent acquisition strategy. Why?  Deloitte indicates the 18-25 segment of the workforce will near 50% by 2018. With that kind of workforce muscle, recruiting with a mobile Student Mobile Solution or Career Fair App is critical in 2014.

Why only hand out business cards or accept paper resumes at these Recruiting Fairs? The end result will be unmanaged paper pushing, the inability to locate and connect with preferred candidates, abundant candidate defection, more candidates who never reconnect, a ding on your brand, and a loss of talented candidates to your “with it” competition.

Why not instruct your preferred candidates to enter their information electronically at the Career Fair using their mobile phones or Tablets? You can then auto-transfer their information into your Talent Community or into your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

7.    Educate Yourself On How To Source From All The Social Channels 

Since the early 2000s, I have been educating businesses on how to drive ROI success through social and mobile media pages. Getting positive results is not magical and does not have to be difficult.  Like any other marketing strategy, it takes work, persistence, A/B testing, and a solid set of analytical tracking. It also takes a long-term commitment to succeed.

Remember that social and mobile marketing is not about pushing a fire hose of job posts at your candidates. It is about engaging them in a two-way conversation that will lead to a win-win call-to-action and conversion. When you do it this correctly, you will achieve a traceable ROI.

8.    Build and Track Your Employee Referral Programs

Imagine if you could stimulate your Employee Referral program by tapping the social networks of your employees. Think about these numbers…you have 2,000 employees and each employee has 200 Friends on Facebook, 200 Followers on Twitter and 200 Circles on Google+. By enabling social sharing, you would mathematically increase your employee social referral network by more than a million timeline postings potentials (2000 X 600 = 1,200,000). If you hired just 1/10 of 1% through this new social network annually, you would see 120 hires. The cost to stimulate this social snowball is virtually zero. The advertising cost-to-hire this group is also near zero. Wouldn’t you want to tap into this kind of social leverage? One of the best hiring sources is employee referrals. So why wouldn’t you add a social referral network opportunity?

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Jeffery Giesener