HR Social & Mobile Marketing Tips

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

How many of your candidates are using a mobile device to view your jobs and apply to them?

According to Google, more than 25% of today’s candidates are viewing on-the-go (mobile) and obviously many want to apply! If you owned a store, would you lock out 25% of your customers? Of course not! However, according to, if you have not made your career site mobile-friendly (meaning that job postings are easy to read and apply to on a mobile device), you will see 40–90% candidate defection

Why is it so important to consider social and mobile users in your talent acquisition strategy?

According to Comscore, users of all kinds are spending and increasing amount of time on all types of social media activities.

There are more than three billion profiles today on the key social networks — a fertile ground for candidate recruitment.

Did you know that out of THREE BILLION social profiles…

  • Twitter users are now 86% mobile
  • Facebook users are 68% mobile
  • Google+ users are 60% mobile
  • LinkedIn users are 30% mobile

It should not be a surprise that more and more of your candidates want to view your jobs on mobile too.

Here are THREE social and mobile HR marketing tips…

#1: Design a mobile-friendly career site

A mobile-responsive web design insures your career site is formatted for various mobile devices.

SourceMob analytics determined that the amount of defection coming from candidates on non-mobile career sites could be greater than 40%.

  • Do you know your defection rates from your career site?
  • Do you know what your mobile traffic is?

One of the fastest ways to improve your recruiting ROI is to diminish your mobile defection.

  • Can your candidates easily apply to your jobs through their mobile device(s)?
  • Does your ATS have the ability to accept a mobile application?

When was the last time you pretended to be a candidate and checked out your career site experience on your mobile device? Did you try to apply?

  • Having to pinch and zoom means that your site is not mobile-friendly!

SourceMob enables seven ways for candidates to engage and review your jobs through our mobile apply solutions. Our proven Mobile DirectApply™ (MDA) layers on top of any ATS system and will result in more candidate applies at a lower cost-per-apply (between $1.50-$2.50).

#2: Do not use your ATS as your career site

Are you driving your candidates directly to your ATS page from your company home page? If you are, you are losing a large number of top-tier candidates who want to learn more about your company and why they should work for you.

HR branding is a hot trend in the HR and talent acquisition space and there is a good reason for it. When you provide cultural content, employee testimonials, videos, blogs, and “why work for us” content, you are proving that your organization cares about its employees and wants to keep them.

#3: Use your employees to help you find hard-to-find candidates

It is not a surprise that your current Employee Referral Program (ERP) is netting a large amount of new hires. In fact, it is probably your top hiring source. However, more employees today are also willing to help their recruiting teams source the ideal candidate for tough-to-fill, niche positions from their own social and mobile networks. Why? It is because they want colleagues working with them!

Imagine if you could engage tough-to-find segments of your employees – like engineers or nurses – or any challenging recruiting segment and then allow these employees to engage candidate in their niche through their own social and mobile networks. Oh, how much easier your job would be….

Now you can do exactly that by using SourceMob’s HIRED-Exchange Social ERP program.

To learn how SourceMob’s Mobile and Social Recruiting Solutions will lower your overall recruiting costs and reduce your hiring cycle, simply sign yourself up here. There are absolutely NO strings attached and there is no credit card needed.

So what is the catch? There is none!

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