How to Gain Respect in the Workplace as a Manager

By Portico Staffing

Perhaps no other issue for the new manager is more perplexing than that of earning respect from others. New managers, whether recently promoted or hired, may find it challenging to get others to respect them, let alone take their direction or honor this position. However, with the right approach, any manager can successfully lead their team to greatness. Here are some tips for gaining respect in the workplace.

#1 – Be Admired, Not Feared

You can try to march around like you are in charge, or you can become someone that others admire for strength and commitment to success. The choice is yours. Leading by positive energy leads to team building, while leading by fear results in frustrated and disrespectful subordinates. Take every opportunity to lead your team through positive reinforcement, feedback, and work that is worthy of others’ admiration.

#2 – Take One for the Team

There comes a time in every manager’s life when he or she must sacrifice for the greater good. However, this must never happen at the cost of your people. Instead, be a manager who is willing to sacrifice in order to lead your team and make positive things happen in the workplace.

#3 – Develop Future Leaders

Your goal as a manager isn’t just to boss others around. It’s to help make your team members the best that they can be. Create employee development programs and make it a point to regularly recognize the achievements of your staffers. Work with your HR director to establish learning opportunities for those who show promise of future leadership.

#4 – Inspire by Example

Your subordinates are looking to you, as their manager, to show them the way. Use your position as a way to help them become better at their jobs by instilling excellent work ethics and processes into their lives. Stay active in the community and in the efforts of your company objectives to keep employees inspired.

#5 – Keep Communication Open

One of the ways you can earn the respect of your team is to be an open communicator, in many different formats. From emails and memos to public presentation of ideas; you can lead your staffers with a solid communication strategy. Remember that employees need to feel comfortable coming to you with new ideas for making things better or when they struggle and need your support.

By embracing the above management behaviors, you can lead your team and be looked at as a manager to respect at your company and in the industry.

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