How to Be a Recruiting Gunslinger

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO.  February 18, 2014.

Why you need to be looking inward to build your social and mobile talent acquisition strategy.

Gunslingers – as portrayed in classic Hollywood Westerns – are more than willing to fight than to “follow the pack.” In a similar fashion, organizations today are showing their true grit through their aggressive internal fight for social and mobile recruiting resources (dollars and people).  

A Gunslinger, however, is only as good as his gun. The best Recruiting Gunslingers possess technology “weapons” that can:

  • Speak to candidates where they hang out on social and mobile.
  • Enable candidates to passively follow their jobs and conversations in social, a talent community or on a mobile device.
  • Drive real-time conversations with recruiters on social and mobile career pages (not just on marketing pages).
  • Allow candidates to easily view jobs on their mobile devices. This stops the irritating pinching and zooming process.
  • Make it easy for candidates to directly apply to your ATS from their smartphones and Tablets.

Now let’s identify who the non-Gunslingers are. These are recruiters and/or HR employees who have, with all due respect, good intentions but could be preventing your organization from succeeding with social and mobile recruiting. Examples of non-Gunslingers include:

  • Recruiters who say NO before YES.
  • Recruiters who say, “Do you want this new innovation? Sure! Which recruiting process do you want me to take out of my queue?”
  • Recruiters who feel they can’t handle any more candidate applications or don’t have a way to manage these applications. They are typically the first to block an innovative trial.
  • Recruiters who haven’t tested your career candidate experience in a year or more….have they even tested your application process on a mobile device?
  • Recruiters who haven’t spent time looking at campaign analytics and they don’t know their cost per apply or hire.

So, in your organization, do your Gunslingers outnumber your non-Gunslingers?  I doubt it!

What if a Gunslinger stands up, slams the table and says, “I am FED UP with the ‘old school’ recruiting approaches we have been using! Why can’t we jump into social and mobile recruiting?! What are we waiting for?” Will that person be supported or will they be punished for rocking your cultural boat?

As leaders, what will YOU do about it? Will you sit on the sidelines or jump in and support your company Gunslinger?

I am often asked, “How do I integrate social and mobile recruiting into my recruiting organization?” Well, it’s easier and quicker than you can believe! SourceMob has 25 integrated Internet, social and mobile Talent Acquisition solutions that are all customized for your business needs. All of these solutions are guaranteed to help lower your overall recruiting costs, lower your hiring cycle time and fill open positions faster.

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Jeffery Giesener