How Many Clicks to an Apply?

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Last week, I met with Talent Acquisition Executives and asked a few probing questions:

  1. How many clicks does a candidates need to apply?
  2. What is the defection rate on a candidate application?
  3. Do you know how many candidate visits are coming from mobile?
  4. How many applies are coming from mobile?

Judging by their lack of answers, I was not surprised that their 2014 talent acquisition efforts fell short of their expectations.

So if I were in their shoes, here is a recruiting audit that I would do. Then judge the answers for yourself.

Why do a recruiting audit? Well it is my sense that your recruiting efforts will show a huge hole in candidate applies rates like these executives did. That means your recruiting budget dollars are not being spent efficiently…and it gets worse! Many of those dollars are easy to overlook, or worse gets lost in your recruiting budget.

First pretend that you are a candidate and find out what your own candidate apply experience is like? Most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) systems are skewed to the benefit of the company and the recruiters. They are essentially built by or for recruiters and not candidates. Additionally, most ATS systems have crossed recruiting wires that make it difficult for candidates to apply.

Now with “mobile apply” no longer being a trend, without mobile apply, it is almost as if you are asking top talent to defect from your ATS pages! According to, there could be as high as a 40-90% defection from your ATS pages from mobile users.

When you test your apply process as a candidate, were you willing to wait for pages to load? Did they time out? How crazy did the process make you? How many application pages would you fill out on both on your laptop and on mobile before defecting? There is a significant difference in behavior between laptop/desktop and mobile here. Were you willing to fill out redundant information?

Next, try the apply experience again, but time the process (along with your frustration levels). Then divide your frustration level by 4. The result is the amount of time a typical candidate will spend on your apply process before he/she moves on to another company. Is that what you want to happen?


  • Do you know how many of your candidates are coming from mobile?
  • Do you know how many applies are coming from mobile?
  • Do you know cost per mobile apply?

You should be able to get data on your mobile visits and mobile apply answers on demand. You should also not need to rely on anyone else or any other department (marketing or IT or other) to get your talent acquisition stats and key performance indexes. This information is the lifeline of your HR business and you will not be able to “phone a friend” for help. I suspect like you’re your marketing department, your boss or CEO will soon be demanding these metrics from you and you will be evaluated by them.

Packaged into these metrics for each job posting should be stats per campaign, referring source data, number of opens, number of clicks, costs per apply and hire per job and campaign.

How familiar are you with the numbers for every job campaign you run? Like your marketing people on cost per order by campaign – you need to know the same.

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