How does ShoppeSafe help our site with Social Sharing?

But you may be thinking how does ShoppeSafe help our site with Social Sharing and how do we get started?

Well it is really quite simple and it starts by placing a ShoppeSafe button on your website.

But wait a button on my website? Why would take the consumer away from my website. Why would I do that?

”This is a common concern we hear as traditional thinking says drive more traffic to your website and you will generate more sales.  The trend, however, is that website traffic for many merchants is a struggle to maintain let alone increase.   At least some of this is due to the growing amount of time consumers are spending on social media channels and on their mobile devices away from merchant websites.   Our program is geared to complement everything you’re doing online already by linking your online store to these exciting, new marketing channels that consumers can access easily wherever they are.”

“One of our best practices, as we discussed, is to put a ShoppeSafe button on the merchant home page and on each product category page (, for example, has placed a button on all of these pages).  This enables consumers to subscribe (or bookmark) to receive relevant product offers by category.  Consumers then receive products of interest multiple times a day/365 days a year that they buy and easily share on Facebook, Twitter, through email, or text.  They literally extend your marketing reach to their friends by creating “trusted referrals”.  Sales builds virally.  A recent survey by Lightspeed Research reported that 61% of the consumers they polled said opinions, referrals and experience of other consumers play a vital role when considering a purchase.  Our program can help a merchant create these trusted referrals that sell more merchandise.”

“Having said all that, placing a button on the website home page is not required to participate in our program.  We would not recommend it but that choice is yours.  Some merchants actually prefer to step into our program through email or Facebook to prove that we can drive sales before they put any links on their website.  So, a merchant has several options available in our program all of which will build online sales very cost effectively.

Steve Neseth

SVP – Business Development

ShoppeSimple Network