How Are You Engaging With Your Candidates?

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Have you gauged your company’s employee engagement recently? How high or low is it? I just read that Gallup research says companies who rank in the top 25% for employee engagement have much higher productivity (21%) and profitability (22%) than low-ranking companies.

Engagement is now one of the most critical challenges we’re facing. Yet we’re in an abyss—with a massive gulf between KNOWING employee engagement is important and actually ACHIEVING it.

As Gallup puts it, 7 out of 10 employees are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.” This problem negatively affects a company’s short and long-term performance.

If we are not getting this right with our employees, imagine how your top-tier candidates feel about engagement.

  • Are you communicating with your candidates and letting them know that their application was received?
  • Are you communicating with your candidates around skill-based topics in a scheduled manner?
  • Do you have a Talent Community and Career Alerts and if so how are you nurturing your various audiences with appropriate messaging?

If you do not have solid strategies around all three of the above you need to improve today. Today’s companies and their HR Departments need to understand how to connect and engage with their candidates through analytics and data exploration. Often listening skill are important too.

Key Stats or Did You Knows Or Should Be Doing.

Did you know Google indicates more than 70% of jobs searches are now done on a mobile platform?

Did you know that without a mobile apply platform you could be loosing 40-90% of your candidate applies? (source

Do you have a mobile-enabled Career Portal?

Do you enable candidates to apply through their mobile Tablets and smartphones?

Do you nurture your candidate post apply?

If any of these goals are on your agenda for 2015/16, I can help you avoid costly mistakes and or missteps. Simply give me a ring at 952-417-6955 or by email at

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