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Knowing Your Candidate…

My years of Social and Mobile experience indicates that when it comes to using new innovations for sourcing we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. The basic requirement of any successful recruiting environment is to get engagement with a prospective candidate going, to get to know your preferred candidate at a deep level and for those candidate to know your Company at a much more significant level than just the job description.

But the mistake that is often made by Talent Acquisition Organizations is thinking that just pushing jobs at a candidate(s) like a fire hose is being social or simply mining Social Networks or job boards for resumes is social recruiting. By the way…it isn’t.

The triple play of Social and Mobile Sourcing is driving valued content, conversations and engagement as the catalyst to a successful hire. That means engaging with the candidate in a stream of relevant conversations that are two-way and respectful. As you well know it could take months to fill a position and keeping connected to your preferred and often passive candidates works wonders when you use Social tools to stay connected.

But unfortunately, what has been the pattern of a Recruiter and Candidate conversation? Perhaps that can be better described as interrogations. And if interrogations should happen in Social that is exactly where the Social connection will break down. Even worse it will come to a DEAD STOP and so will your Social Sourcing.

We would know much more about candidates if we could have real conversations with them. A conversation that is free of “Big Brother” and one that the candidate would engage in as if they would be already working for the Company. This is also how your best candidates will help you find other passive candidates. Can your organization enable this level of conversation or strive for this candidate engagement?

Be Who You Are

Social and Mobile Networks make it easy to get to know candidates and for them to be themselves. Then Social Sourcing goes even further when a Recruiter opens a relevant and engaging conversation with their target Candidate over a period of time.

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Jeffery Giesener