Gold Medal Recruiting Strategy – Your Road To Rio…

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

The 2016 Rio Olympics are just around the corner, and if you want your talent organization to run like an Olympic team, you will quickly realize that recruiting top-tier talent is the key to bringing home the GOLD. A top-tier sourcing organization cannot grow without social, community, HR marketing, mobile recruiting and ROI Analytics to prove to management your success. Without these recruiting strategies and metrics, your company’s future has likely been damaged or has seen mediocre results in terms of growth.

Today, your sourcing efforts should include and focus on social, mobile, community and HR marketing. To repeat, you need the ROI analytics platform to prove that you are getting the appropriate return from your recruiting efforts. By that I mean leveraging more than LinkedIn or job boards to secure talent for your positions. Managing your job campaigs and optimizing which ones are working and those that are not. Adding new “New School” sourcing strategies, which use all social networks — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and mobile, along with your communities, employee leverage and HR marketing — will help you search and find your very best passive and active talent. The result from an ROI perspective will dramatically expand your reach for candidates, create a positive HR Brand impact and lower your overall recruiting costs.

But I am certainly not suggesting blasting a fire hose of job posts on your candidates’ timelines, nor using a third-party sharing widget to share posts, which may violate your Corporate Privacy Policy.

What I do want you to focus on is looking at your recruiting processes through the lens of your candidates.

But here is the rub…

  • Many recruiters I speak with just don’t know how to use new recruiting techniques to find candidates. So they are stumped and as such, don’t know what to do? The result they just do not or are unable to move forward.
  • Or, they can’t prove to their management what the ROI is for these new recruiting innovations or even how to begin doing show proof..
  • Or, they have allowed their marketing departments to run the HR candidate engagement. But would they want their marketing department to hire the candidate too?

If you are serious about recruiting, then you have to tighten up your ability to find and target highly sought after passive candidates. You must start with a new series of “Gold Medal’ recruiting strategies

  • Know your recruiting targets, who they are andwhat makes them tick; where they are hanging out online, in your communities that exist already (like your ATS), or on mobile.
  • Then visually and through content, show your ideal candidate what makes working for your organization exciting. Why would a candidate want to work at your company? What is in it for them?
  • Make a list of your organization’s top job-selling features and promote them.
  • Use the list to develop stories for HR blogging and sharing that have a buzz factor and become talked about within candidate communities. Build your own LinkedIn Group, as it is ideal for this.
  • Get your hiring managers and employees involved in your tough-to-fill career recruiting? Use videos and place them on your career site, social HR sites and create a career channel for your HR brand on YouTube. Did you know YouTube has more than 1 billion users and is a hidden opportunity for HR professionals?

Increasingly, top-tier candidates are no longer just using job boards (Indeed, Simply Hired, Monster, CareerBuilder). With 333-plus million LinkedIn members compared to Facebook’s 1.32 billion, many of your Gen Y or Millennial passive candidates may have never even used LinkedIn or posted their profile there, since it is billed as a professional (Baby Boom) networking site. Plus, did you know that 50 percent of jobs get filled without a job post (from PR, investor information, Google searching).

  • Time Magazine reported that the average person on Facebook spends over 40 minutes a day, or a total of 12 days per month, on Facebook?
  • 33 percent of all Google searches are now done on a mobile or tablet device? And, 20 percent of this usage is done at home, with another 40 percent at your office! Isn’t it time to test mobile recruiting?
  • If you are not using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, along with mobile, for your recruiting, you are missing an ocean of candidates. Today there are over 3.5 billion profiles in these key social channels. There are over 3 Billion mobile connections in 2015.

So, do you know how many of your key tough-to-find candidates are on social networks, on mobile or searching jobs through Google or Bing? How many are stuck without engagement in your Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS)?

Moving forward, new innovqtive talent acquisition strategies and tactics are the key to executing a successful “Gold Medal” recruiting plan.

In addition, analytic evidence proves that your candidates today do not expect to be forced back to your career site pages to find the jobs that are relevant and of interest to them. Instead, candidates expect your recruiting will drive preferred jobs directly to where and when your best candidates want them, whether that’s on the web, social, communities or on mobile.

Are you delivering job posts and conversations automatically to your social networks, communities, through your employee networks and to mobile devices? Are your jobs effectively categorized on your career sites so your candidates can easily and efficiently find them? Can your candidates search, view and apply to your jobs on mobile?

SourceMob’s Suite of Career Solutions enables corporate talent acquisition professionals to speak directly to their unique candidate audiences, wherever they are. That includes online, in social, communities and through mobile. In less than 60 days, our clients quickly begin to see positive ROI as they tap into a new exciting form of successful talent acquisition recruiting. SourceMob distributes relevant job content, conversations and engagements directly to candidates. Using over 35 new recruiting innovations, each has proven to lower cost per apply and hire, compared to the cost and time-to-fill of “Old School” recruiting techniques, paying for expensive job advertising or enlisting outside retained search firms.

Additionally, at SourceMob we build your own Social and Mobile Career Center on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and make all of the pages mobile responsive. And we do this without involving your IT team and their budget, or your HR management resources. In fact, the SourceMob solutions basically run on autopilot.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific talent acquisition objectives? With that understanding we can begin to design a new Gold Medal recruitment program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy like a glove..

To learn more check out our video at For a virtual or personal presentation simply ring us up at 952-417-6955 or email me at

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ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob integrates Internet, social, talent community, HR Analytics, social listening solutions, HR Marketing Services and mobile recruiting solutions to help talent acquisition professionals recruit the very best candidates for tough-to-fill positions. SourceMob’s solutions seamlessly integrate and distribute conversations, engagement and job content, all done on autopilot, providing a job posting springboard to over 3.5 million candidate profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, plus all of the major search engines. We help you engage with your candidates and capture niche passive candidates. Our solutions also enable Mobile Quick Apply and candidate application management services to create more efficiency and lower recruiting costs. You won’t need your IT Team or HR Department to implement them. That is the beauty and ease of the SourceMob platform.

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