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Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) is a buzzword that has been around for a decade or more. Most businesses have invested heavily in CRM but have your thought about your recruiting program in terms of CRM?

In fact, recruiting is all about managing and engaging candidate relationships especially with your passive candidates.

Why manage candidate relationships?

  1. It provides the opportunity to speak to candidates directly and help them through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) process.
  2. It helps with candidate engagement especially candidates that have been qualified in your ATS but not hired. Why are you not keeping in touch with these valued candidates?
  3. Leveraging both 1 and 2 has proven to improve your Apply and Hire rates.

Engaging in two-way conversation with your candidate is exactly what social communication is all about.

Over my career, I have looked at more social analytics than I would care to disclose (it shows my age) and these analytics are continuing to wobble the HR community.

  • We know that career home page site defection continues to be at an all time high. But unfortunately for many businesses their “big iron” legacy HRIS architecture preclude even knowing defection rates or making fast changes and therefore appropriate defenses to prevent these candidate from leaving your career site.
  • Do you know what your Career site defection stats tell you?
  • Do you have a Career page that enables candidate to understand why they should and would want to join your organization? Or is it a simple search form?
  • How many applicants have you processed this year and from which job campaign channel? Do you even know? If you don’t know how do you plan to optimize the campaign metrics?
  • How many have you hired from your talent pool of candidates? And if you don’t know that number, how do you know how to judge the cost of your various campaign recruiting efforts.

When I meet with prospects, I find it fascinating how few if any know the effectiveness (Return On Investment (ROI) from actual job channel conversion).

The important point here is to make sure you put your job partners through an Return On Investment (ROI) gauntlet. Make sure they are meeting your standards and ROI targets.

And I further suggest you own this information (not marketing or IT) now before your C-Suite Exec’s ask you to do it.

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