Finding Candidates On The Go

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

What’s your strategy to deliver jobs to Candidates who are on the go?

Mobile Recruiting is soon to be a preferred way to stay connected with your Candidate audience 24/7, regardless of their location. You can reach them with your job posts and conversations while they’re engaged in just about any activity. You can communicate with them while they’re riding the high-speed line to work, while they’re at the coffee shop, or while they’re at the playground sneaking a look at your job postings as their children are playing.

Mobile provides truly effective job advertising by putting your jobs directly in front of the mobile Candidate. That means, minimizing the purchase of expensive ads on Job Boards or LinkedIn or paying outside recruiting fees. In many scenarios, mobile fills an additional void. It reaches out to both your Passive and Active Candidates when they have permissioned your messaging.

Using Mobile Recruiting will engage with your Candidate, dramatically lower your cost per hire and increase your Apply rates.

But don’t just focus entirely on that “out and about” Candidate.

20% of the time spent on Mobile happens at the office!

Yes…it turns out that nearly 20 percent of time spent on mobile happens at work while 40 percent happens at home. Mobile is quickly becoming the first choice for a Candidate who wants to see your job postings and this statistic is scaling exponentially, especially for the Gen Y demographic. And since 20% of mobile communications happens at work, just imagine the power of this medium to reach Passive Candidates.

At SourceMob Mobile Recruiting is one of our four key Talent Acquisition Solutions that lowers your cost per hire, reduces the need to pay outside recruiting fees and decreases your ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) defection rate, therefore increases your Apply rate. How would this work for your business?

Everyday your jobs are synchronized from your ATS into your customized Mobile Recruiting Browser Application where your Candidates preselect the jobs they want by category, location or even specific job type. If you don’t use an ATS that is OK too – we can distribute your jobs through our “Manage Your Jobs Solution™”.

These Mobile job posts display on all iPhones, Droid, iPads and Tablet platforms. Your Candidate then gives your business the opt-in to stay in touch with them (therefore effectively building  a permissioned-based Mobile Talent Community where you own this data). And all of this is accomplished without the need of your IT or HR Team resources. Frankly, your Mobile Recruiting program runs on Autopilot.

You can also see what is doing in Mobile Recruiting by typing into your mobile smartphone or Tablet device. You will quickly see how jobs are categorized along with with job notifications. Candidates can also follow jobs by category, locations or any filter you want to deploy.

I would welcome the opportunity to personally show you how SourceMob can net Passive and Active Candidates in some of the toughest recruiting areas (IT, Nursing, R&D) by helping you reduce the amount of recruiting fees you need to pay to outside recruiting firms. Let’s set up a virtual appointment at your convenience. Simply reach me by email at or by phone at 612-349-2740.

Going to the Orlando ERE Expo? So is SourceMob. Please reach out to Nancy Ritzman, SourceMob’s Sales Director at or by phone at 612-349-2740 to schedule a convenient meeting time at the show.