Filling out a job application on a mobile device is difficult

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Here are some eye-opening statistics for you:

  • Nearly 40% of Internet time is now spent on a mobile device
  • 91% of the planet keep their mobile devices within arm’s reach 24/7
  • 70% of job seekers today are using their mobile devices to search for jobs
  • indicates almost 90% of Fortune 500 do not have a mobile optimized Career site?
  • Less than 50% can enable a candidate to apply on a smartphone or tablet with a positive experience.

Here’s the current Talent Acquisition problem…

Applicants are asked to complete multiple pages of personal data. Try to do this on a mobile device.
Worse yet, login is required even to review available positions.
The result of the above is massive candidate drop off (up to 60-90%).
Your ATS can’t accept.


  • Launch of New Mobile DirectApply™
  • Positioned To Fill Gap for Talent Acquisition Departments
  • New Product Helps Companies Tap into the Power of Mobile, Web and Social Networks for Job Candidate Recruitment and Conversations

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (July 1, 2013) – Jeffery Giesener, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SourceMob, a Minneapolis-based HR technology company, announced today the official public launch of the company’s new Mobile DirectApply™ Application.

“SourceMob’s revolutionary new Mobile DirectApply™ eliminates one of the biggest causes of candidate defection from the application process – poor mobile experience.” said Giesener, “According to Google, 87% of job seekers would use a mobile device to find jobs. Yet in 2012, nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 didn’t have a mobile optimized career site. Today, most applicant tracking systems (ATS) STILL do not have a mobile optimized interface for job seekers or applicants. Mobile DirectApply™ solves that problem so clients can now have a mobile solution that can integrate with their existing ATS, all while connecting with our existing suite of SourceMob solutions. This enables SourceMob clients to attract the best candidates through web, social and mobile media networks.”

SourceMob’s existing suite includes Mobile, Social and Web Career Alerts, Talent Community, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and Conversation solutions where a recruiter can directly engage with candidates and enable an on-demand apply. Candidates can join the Talent Community and recruiters can also stay in front of these highly sought after candidates by developing campaigns (email, postcards, outbound calling, mobile, IM), which lower hiring cycle time and costs.

“We work in a highly competitive IT recruiting space and as such there is a lot of noise in the marketplace and we realized that in order to rise above the competition, we needed to allow our candidates to search jobs, apply and interact with us through mobile optimized tools as well as social channels.” says Harvey Clay, Recruiting Manager. “We evaluated numerous social and mobile media recruiting solutions and found that SourceMob can help us source better quality candidates. It’s a much needed social recruiting solution for companies who want to adopt and successfully utilize mobile technology and social media for talent acquisition.”

SourceMob is a solution for companies who wish to increase applicant flow, especially passive candidates, using social, web and mobile networks and reduce their cost per hire while increasing recruiting ROI. Product demonstrations can be arranged by emailing or calling 952-221-3801.

ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob links mobile and social technology with a company’s recruiting efforts to help them land the best, most qualified candidates worldwide. SourceMob software synchronizes job content and conversations from either a career website and/or an ATS and delivers it to a company’s social, web and mobile career centers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile) – which SourceMob can help create. SourceMob also delivers specific job posts and conversations directly to enrolled Candidates’ Personal Facebook and Mobile Pages. This technology is combined with social enterprise analytics, making SourceMob one of the most effective, affordable and streamlined social, web and mobile recruiting and Talent Acquisition solutions available. Learn more at email or phone 612-349-2740 and ask for a product demonstration.