Facebook And Amazon Join Forces For Social Shopping

Look who is buying all of the Merchant data through Facebook profiles and just like what happened to Borders and B&N in the late 90’s (they were Amazon’d) as a merchant if you don’t move into Social Commerce now to secure your position Amazon and Amazon’ like companies will take your business and consumer way in both the Social and Mobile Commerce space.

Facebook And Amazon Join Forces For Social Shopping

Posted: 27 Jul 2010 01:07 PM PDT From AllFacebook.com

Facebook and Amazon have staked out a partnership that will offer their users social recommendations for online shopping.

The two online giants have hatched a plan that will use Facebook profile data to make product recommendations on Amazon. If a Facebook user opts into the service, they will find gift suggestions for their Facebook friends on the recommendations page of Amazon. The suggestions would be based on the information on their friends’ Facebook profiles – such as music or movie preferences – and also their Amazon wish lists.

For Amazon, knowing which of their customers know each other would be an extremely powerful marketing tool and Facebook’s global user base of 500 million means the  could scale very quickly. This Facebook Platform page update suggests the service is entirely opt-in, using Facebook Connect, and would no doubt be subject to Facebook users’ privacy settings. For added peace of mind, TechCrunch reports that Amazon will not reveal your account or purchase history or contact any of your Facebook friends.

The deal with Amazon follows Facebook’s announcement that it would allow publishers to contact users who ‘like’ a particular story – another development with significant implications for marketers.