An employee referral program is one of the most effective ways to expand your job candidate reach. Not only do these programs yield more candidates, they lead to higher quality hires and improved retention rates. If an employee referral program is not in your organization’s recruiting queue, you are overlooking a huge opportunity to build a stronger workforce.

Simply put, HIRED-Exchange™ significantly enhances your employee referral program by enabling both your employees and your candidates to share your career and conversational postings on the key social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.


Leveraging of Social Networks

Under permission, you can automatically share your job opportunities with all of your employees’ social connections on major networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This greatly increases your candidate reach, enables passive candidate follows and builds your talent community.

Referral Tracking

HIRED-Exchange™ provides you with real-time reports on the status of your referral program. Now you will know instantly which employees provided the referral and from what source, further demonstrating your program ROI. In addition, you will be able to direct referral bounties and payments back to your employees.

Permission-Based Communication

Career distribution through social channels is not the only networking function of HIRED-Exchange™. When candidates give you permission, you can email and/or chat with them directly via the social network or the mobile device of their choice.

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