E-mail click-through rates in Q2 drop to the lowest level on record

From Jeffery Giesener — CEO of ShoppeSimple.com

E-mail click-through rates dropped to 5.3% during the second quarter of 2010, the lowest rate recorded since 2006 when marketing services firm Epsilon began its tracking.

Has your business seen declining email response and increasing defection from your home page and shopping cart?

Why is this continuing to happen?

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Because we believe your consumers are sending you a message?  And we sense they have been sending you this message for awhile now…

For those of you who remember the movie Network… Consumers are mad as H..LL and won’t take it marketing harassment anymore.

They are deleting emails or not opening them. They are defecting off your home page and your shopping and you can see this increasing when you look deeply into your analytics.

Marketing Practices Aren’t Working Anymore…

Does it really make sense to continue spending more and getting less? Does it make sense to increase frequency of emails (especially at Holiday) and wet down your customers with more marketing messaging when they told you they don’t want more?

At ShoppeSimple we don’t think doing more of the same is the answer.  Every day, through the ShoppeSimple program your consumers permit you to market to them by self-selecting highly targeted product offers that they want to know about and have you deliver them to their Social communities and mobile Smartphones.

For merchants who have been thinking about working with ShoppeSimple, perhaps the hardest part of getting started is simply getting you to think differently about your business and for you to try something that’s different.

No Risk…It’s Guaranteed To Work!

Shoppesimple is a proven Social and Mobile Commerce engine which consumers enjoy buying from and one that drives unbudgeted sales for our clients.  And the ShoppeSimple solution is easy to implement.  In fact, you don’t need to spend any IT time or expense to do so.

With ShoppeSimple you also don’t need to invest in multiple people managing or merchandising your Facebook and Twitter Stores, or running your You Tube and Mobile applications all separately. With just one click ShoppeSimple does it all for you. Yes, it is that simple and easy!

ShoppeSimple’s Social and Mobile Commerce Solutions are not a fad or buzz or hype. They are working for ShoppeSimple client’s everyday as we are delivering new unbudgeted sales and new customers.

Why is this working? Because every day, through the ShoppeSimple program your consumers have given you permission to market to them  by self-selecting your highly targeted product offers and have them delivered to their social or mobile destinations.

A case in point… we  have a  client who after just three months in our program netted  over $900,000 in  program revenue using ShoppeSimple Social Commerce.  By the way, this client paid us only $20,000; that’s a pretty good return on investment for both companies.

Another client is doubling their Social Commerce sales every month using ShoppeSimple’s Social and Mobile Commerce engine. Can you do the same? We know you will and I guarantee it as we have seen results like these for each of our client so the odds are likely that we can help you too.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific online objectives.  With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and Mobile Commerce program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.