Does Your Brand Support the Mobile Job Candidate?

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Are you thinking about using mobile to net job candidates?

If you are, what is your candidate experience?

According to an Econsultancy, more than two-thirds of respondents say they do not know the appropriate metrics needed to grow their mobile Talent Acquisition channels.

Additionally, Econsultancy says that most companies simply view the mobile channel as just another channel, communication device or an extension of their digital strategy.

According to the Study, only 25% of mobile mainstream companies report having a well-defined mobile strategy.

It gets worse! Less than 25% of the companies surveyed indicated that they do not understand their consumers’ migration to mobile. This is reflected in the poor or lack of concern for their consumer mobile experience.

Boy…that is not a good place for our industry to be in since your consumers are your candidates.

The above suggests that instead of maintaining the status quo – or worse, doing nothing – companies must move their candidate experience into mobile and do it now.

Mobile adoption is outpacing any historical adoption trend. Businesses that will succeed in this next wave of mobile Talent Acquisition will need to understand how to build outstanding candidate experiences on smartphones and tablets. They also need to put themselves into a position to leverage data provided which rigorously measures and improves their candidate defection, ultimately reducing both their hiring costs and operating efficiencies.

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Jeffery Giesener