Crash Cart Please…ideas from The ShoppeSimple Network

If you run your web metrics, web analytics, customer satisfaction stats as diagnostic tools for when things go wrong, then is your company a company who wants to stay in shape and work tirelessly to improve your business metrics?

If you put your business metrics in this winning category, are you then treating your websites and/or stores in the same way?

Unfortunately, I have sat through enough prospective client meetings where the prevailing tenor was…as long as the website is not broken, it must be working. As long as nobody is complaining, there’s no need to worry. We will reset our store(s) after the next season or the next…you know it is a cash flow thing. So have you asked yourself when was the last time your website or store(s) had more than just a facelift with a few Botox injections to pretty it up?

Unfortunately, the answer is usually the same…TOO LONG and in many cases it also comes down to the fundamentals of analytics and business intelligence driving these decisions. If you can’t see where you need to go how will you manage the decisions to get there? If it is not crystal clear how to get where you need to go then the obvious and less risky choice for many is to just to stay in neutral.

But staying in neutral now, when there is a new super highway of Social and Mobile Commerce developing could be devastating to your business or at least highly disruptive. Here’s why…

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What would happen when you ask your best and brightest analytical minds to tell you?

§  What they are seeing in their analytical views and Key Performance Indexes (KPI’s) as it relates to Social and Mobile Commerce marketing?

§  How are they getting to the data?

§  How are they seeing the Social and Mobile data converting into orders and from where?

§  How is Social and Mobile Commerce affecting other Channel Marketing?

§  How is the viral component of Social and Mobile being tracked?

It’s right here where you start to see how the traditional analytical models and its tools begin to break down. For most businesses, most of these questions take them to an uncomfortable place and ones that are typically not positive for the business. What’s worse is that many companies have made significant investments in analytics already but unfortunately without the anticipation of Social, Mobile and Viral Commerce capabilities or plug-ins and/or the “right” people who understand the effect of Social, Mobile and Viral on their current analytic tendencies?

When you are left with no clear path to take…how do you know where to go? What do you do? Where do you go?

Are you up for an analytical test for your Social and Mobile Marketing Teams to determine where your business stands today? Their answers may surprise you?

Can your Analytical Team answer all of these Social and Mobile questions?

How is Social and Mobile marketing affecting…

Ø  Site or Store Visitation metrics,

Ø  Time On Site and/or In-Store metrics,

Ø  Shopping Cart and Check Out Abandonment/Store Conversion metrics,

Ø  Site and/or Store Mapping metrics,

Ø  Top 10 Page Path Views,

Ø  Average Ticket by Channel metrics,

Ø  New Customers Rate metrics,

Ø  Reactivations of Older Buyers metrics,

Ø  Overall Conversion by Channel metrics?

Ø  Coupon Redemption Rate Store and Web?

No doubt, I bet you will have serious analytical work to do. Even more telling… what are challenges and obstacles you have to getting to and at the data sets you need to make the informed Social and Mobile decisions? If you are like many of our clients, I suspect that you will find out you may not even have all the right tools to even get your business to these answers?

But unlike the postponement of website or store decisions mentioned above once you know the challenges are going to be more Botox injections applied or is it finally time to deal with the real issues of why you can’t get to the answers?

In the world of e-commerce and multi-channel marketing, yes, we do have some of the brightest analytical minds in the business. As such, our clients also challenge us to prove the incremental value through analytical analysis of The ShoppeSimple Network. That’s just great and we love it. Our Company is filled with e-Marketers who relish analytical challenges. We also have domain expertise in every online channel as well as retail selling so we never shirk away from the proof positive of what we bring to the table for a merchant. In fact, we have not lost a client since Q1 2010 and we are also proud of this milestone. We are also much more than a suite of marketing tools for your business to use we also provide your business with solid marketing intelligence derived from our internal expertise along with The ShoppeSimple Network Cooperative (SSNC) of merchants all driven through our ShoppeStats proprietary analytical program.

But why are more and more merchants joining the SSNC? Well, for several reasons and in this post, I will speak about one of our key differentiators and that is our proprietary analytics suite (ShoppeStats) and what it shows our clients about their Social and Mobile business.

Now before we go on we should step back for a moment and ask an even more obvious question is Social and Mobile Commerce even material to your overall sales revenue? If not…why not? TODAY…we have clients deriving between 5-8% of their entire company’s business through Social and Mobile channels using The ShoppeSimple Network? Yes, these numbers are also incremental to their business (not channel shift).

To compare this stat, those of us who have been around long enough to remember the time that ecommerce was only 5-8% of your total company revenue and that was only 10 years ago. Now I suspect for many of you it is 50% or much more. Trends like this don’t lie. And if you are not at these numbers you are behind your competitors. So reforecasting what would your revenue spike look like if you could use The ShoppeSimple Network to add 5-8% of Social and Mobile incremental revenue to your business right now? What if we guaranteed you a 4X in revenue lift to investment? Would you do it?

Why wouldn’t you do it? We guarantee it!

Now to those who make a living in the analytical world we have built a proprietary Social and Mobile analytical package called ShoppeStats, which ties all of your social and mobile marketing efforts into a dynamic real-time dashboard and reporting tool supporting by our Relationship Management Team. ShoppeStats isn’t designed to replace your analytic tools in fact you can integrate our tools with yours since you can bring data into your platform easily using a CSV or Excel download. ShoppeStats is designed to provide your business with a high-end Social and Mobile analytics at a fraction of what the Big Boys charge in this analytic world.

ShoppeStats is also integrated into our SaaS ShoppeSimple Network Suite. Before you choose to look at other analytical tools or expensive plug-in extensions look at ShoppeStats. We will share with you how ShoppeStats can be bundled with the 6 other service offerings from The ShoppeSimple Network all for one affordable monthly fee without commissions, maintenance fees or “tolls” of any kind. You will also have our ShoppeStats up and running for your business in less than 10 days without any implementation fees.

In fact, through April 15th you have a couple choices to get started with The ShoppeSimple Network. Check out and enjoy the consumer shopping experience. is the first shopping portal which completely protects your consumers identity and privacy while allowing them to share offers to their Facebook “Likes”, Twitter “Followers”, email and mobile contact lists. Consumers select the offers that are relevant and highly targeted from your “Trusted 3-Party Branded” page and then place them on any social and mobile media they choose. This also makes it simple, easy and convenient for them to share them with family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, Home Pages Widgets and mobile texting,

Your business can be on simply and easily and can get started with your Free monthly trial and learn how your business can benefit from the marketing of and The ShoppeSimple Network.  You can also immediately decide to try us for 4 months for the price of 3. That is a 25% savings. And we will include ShoppeStats with this trial program. Your monthly subscription fee is determined by your traffic numbers just fill out the form <Claire Free trial Link here> and we will be in touch to begin your Trial.

So bottom line, if you would like to see your average orders go up, drive new incremental business and gain new customers, reactivate older buyers and increase frequency of purchasing you will see new Social and Mobile metrics along with KPI analysis as you watch The ShoppeSimple data come alive.

Now isn’t it time to discontinue Botox treatments and instead try a real Social and Mobile solution — The ShoppeSimple Network.

Call me at 612-349-2740 or email to get your Free Trial started now.