Cost per Apply and Hire?

…ideas from Jeffery – CEO
  • Do you know your defection rate on your candidate submit page from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
  • Do you know how defection in the ATS will affect cost per apply and hire?
  • Did you know that ATS defection on average is around 35-75%.

If you don’t have these answers or getting answers to these questions is a struggle, how can you provide your organization with an optimal talent acquisition cost per apply/hire strategy?

Are you checking your hiring metrics?

If you are not checking your hiring metrics frequently around cost of apply and hire… you should already be starting to sweat or you soon will when your boss and CEO start holding your Talent Acquisition department accountable for cost per apply/hire metrics.

From my experience, your CFO/CEO will want (or soon want) optimized apply/hire metrics because of a tightening economy. It is obvious that your talent management is a big part of the company expense, treeing up to the P&L.

How is your candidate experience?

Simply put, there is no room for a poor candidate ATS experience when the market for top candidates is evolving so fast. Now with these top candidates looking for jobs using the web, social and mobile, it makes the market for high-value candidates even more competitive.

Did you know that today 70% of job seekers are already using smartphones and tablets to look for your jobs?

That is not saying they are having an easy time of it, seeing your jobs on mobile, applying to them or even having a good candidate experience. In fact, the truth is just the opposite.

What I am sharing is that the combinations of a bad ATS application experience, along with a poor candidate mobile experience, is certainly a recipe for total disaster and will generate even more defection from your apply pages.

The result: a continual increase in the cost of apply and hire, not to mention your best candidates will be long gone.

Boy! “the times they need to be a changing” and you had better play catch up, fast and now.

So how do you leap frog from where you are now to where you need to be in the future?

Well first you need to have a strategy to place your Talent Acquisition efforts in social and mobile. You need to be smart in your execution, but the key in all of this is getting in the game.

Getting in the game is much better than riding the bench. Getting in the game will start your learning now, not a year from now. Getting in the game will start putting valued points on the talent scoring board.

To do this, you need to partner with a company who will guide you and help you grow into this mobile and social market.

A company who has a knowledge, thought leadership, domain expertise, vision and will not only provide you a solution today, but will customize its solutions to fit your unique business needs.

If you feel you are in a box with your current partners or you feel you are far away from getting to the solutions your future candidates want now, don’t worry… simply give me a ring and we will discuss how I can help you untie the knots in your internal systems and move your business to mobile and social recruiting.

In fact, it is my expertise and passion to do so. I get calls like this every week and would like nothing than to personally help you. There is no cost for my consultation. Simply call me at 612-349-2740 or email me directly at

And… yes I will personally respond to you.



Jeffery Giesener



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