Closing the Gap with ShoppeSimple


From: Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple

With new marketing channels you hear about the term “first-mover advantage” – the first company in a market space to “own” a new communications media or sales channel is significantly ahead of its competitors — who pay a price to play catch-up in customer acquisition. Ting to make a similar move against your business?

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Another word or two on Closing The Gap. There are many gaps to close in today’s marketing. The buzzword in marketing today is “conversation”.  Social media gives your business an unprecedented opportunity to hear, listen and engage with your customers. To also take part in their conversations, to enable the spread of your targeted message and of course build your brand.  But marketers continue to face the challenge of converting conversation into sales in social and mobile marketing.

ShoppeSimple PULL and Place…

ShoppeSimple closes the gap from conversation to conversion and onto Social Commerce.  We enable consumers to “PULL” specific product offers of their choosing and then “PLACE” these offers into any one of their social communities and mobile smartphone.  ShoppeSimple is inherently opt-in, anonymous and private for the consumer — and merchant offers can be accessed, purchased and shared easily and simply through, browsers, bookmarks, subscriptions, MyHome pages and all social networks (including Facebook/MySpace/Twitter) along with each of the major mobile smartphone devices.

Another significant challenge for marketers is how to stay on top of all this social media buzz while maintaining margin, controlling head count, keeping business focus and increasing top and bottom line growth. At ShoppeSimple, we help our clients do all of the above with just one click. Yes…with just one click you get to PLACE your offers where your consumers want to see them.  Yes…with one click, there is no reason to deploy costly internal IT, and marketing resources to manage your social or mobile program.

So why not join the ShoppeSimple program today and stake your “first mover” advantage in your product category not to mention opening a new social communication channel with your consumer.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific online objectives.  With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and Mobile Commerce program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.

I sense that if you are like other e-Tailers, you may be planning to start investing aggressively in Social and Mobile Commerce.

The bottom line:  With ShoppeSimple there are no implementations fees or any kind and we still can get you up and running before December 10th. To start the process, just indicate your interest in a no-obligation phone discussion by replying to this email and we will be in touch with you to start the process immediately.

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