Three Superpowers of HR Marketing

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO Did you know that the highest grossing action movie of all time is The Avengers, which brought together four superheroes as a single team?  Today’s top Talent Professionals recognize the importance of … Continued

Candidates Opinions & Trusted Referrals Matter

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob According to a recent LightSpeed Research study, most consumers consult the Internet while researching products and services, with online reviews and referrals playing a vital role. During the purchasing process price … Continued

Social Recruiting Intelligence

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – In his new book…The Network Is Your Customer, David Rodgers shares fives steps any business can use to create value (Social Value) and reach its consumer. Access: Be faster, be easier, … Continued

3 Ways To Increase Candidate Applies

HR ideas…Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob In a session I recently attended at a HR conference, a panel discussed how their respective company’s HR email programs have leveraged candidate lifecycle management. The panel focused on three specific areas of … Continued

Being Candidate Centric

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – Imagine if your Job Candidates would tell you how they want to be recruited and how they want to have a conversation with you. What if you could then distribute job postings … Continued

5 Steps to Make Your Job Descriptions Go Viral

A Community Manager job description recently got 57 tweets, 20 likes, and 3,979 views. How’d they do it? First, let’s back up for a second. It’s no secret there are more online venues to search for jobs than ever … Continued

6 Tips for Training Social Recruiters

Does your business have a plan for bringing on social and mobile recruiting? Are you wondering how to work with experts outside the company while maintaining a consistent brand experience? Check out the following eight tips to make sure your … Continued

How to Market in Recruiting…

As a recruiter you no longer be passive in your recruiting. Today’s companies find themselves in one of the most challenging times to build sustainable and strong organizations. Between cost containment, automation and new software, it’s never been harder to … Continued