SourceMob’s CRM solution makes it easy to manage your relationships and engagements with all of the candidates in your Talent Community.  Our CRM is customizable, easy to use and affordable.

Candidate Profile View

It has never been easier to keep track of your candidates!  From the CRM dashboard, you can instantly view all detailed information for a specific candidate in one location.  Profiles are easily searchable by any number of customizable filters.  For example, you can search and view all candidates related to a specific job category, location, keyword, and more.

Calendar, Notes & Candidate Conversion Management

The SourceMob CRM calendar allows you to create, track and manage all tasks associated with your candidates and your recruiting endeavors.  You can keep notes and schedule phone calls, candidate meetings, appointments and events.  In addition, your colleagues can share their tasks with you, giving you superior supervision capabilities.

Candidate ↔ Recruiter Direct Messaging

As a recruiter, you can engage in two-way conversations with candidates via direct messaging.  All past conversations are also accessible and tracked for the candidate and recruiter.  This allows you to instantly access a candidate’s entire conversation history, notes, meetings, and resume.

Outbound Job Notifications

If you have new job requisition open in a specific category, you can immediately notify all of your candidates who have an interest in that category that a position has opened.  This will greatly reduce your time to hire.

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