Can Facebook get you a job candidate?

How Social Media is reshaping the Job Search

Welcome to the ShoppeSimple Human Capital Blog… I am Jeffery Giesener – CEO/Founder of ShoppeSimple.

Did you know that…*

  • 1 out of 6 workers used Social Media to get hired
  • 16% of employees found their current job using Social Media a jump of 5% from last year
  • 50% of the job hunters in 2011 used Facebook
  • 16% got a job referral through Facebook
  • 84% of Super Social job hunters (those who have more than 250 contacts on social media) used Facebook

Staying in front of your Passive Job Seeker 365 days a year…

Once your Job Seeker allows your job posts from your Company Facebook Career Center (which we build for you), ShoppeSimple enables your job posts to appear on the left-rail of your Job Seekers Facebook page under your branded Career Center link 365 days a year. As a result: your Passive Job Seeker is continually engaged, wanting to have a conversation with your Company and is sharing your job postings with their colleagues.

This is unique for Social job postings because using the Facebook Wall has limited value, in fact, just minutes of streaming time. Plus with ShoppeSimple your applicant can also search, mark their favorite category job postings and continue to receive your postings on the left-rail of their Facebook Profile page.

A “Like” from LEHRN

In December, we presented our Human Capital Solutions to the Leading Edge Human Resource Network (LEHRN) Association in Minneapolis and got a big thumbs up “Like”.

Your best applicant is on Facebook

43% of Facebook users are between 25-44 years of age**

Since 2009, ShoppeSimple have been helping clients navigate and succeed with e-Commerce, Social and Mobile Media. We are also pleased that our clients continue to renew and that says a lot to you about our program. We are based in Minneapolis and in 2011; we opened three additional industries verticals, which bring our solutions to the Human Capital/Talent Management, Multi-Channel Retail and Educational and of course e-Commerce spaces.

What ShoppeSimple does in the Social Human Capital Space? We use our patent-pending cloud-based software solutions to distribute your job postings to any Social community and Mobile/Tablet platform with one easy click. We do it all without the need for any of your IT resources and we implement our solutions quickly and very affordably. So now with little to no effort you can reach your most desired demographic on Facebook, Twitter and Mobile.

Plus you use your current Talent Management Systems to distribute job postings and process these Social applicants as you normally would because the “Apply” function on any Social platform directs the applicant right back to your current Applicant Tracking System.

A BETA OFFER you can’t refuse…

To earn your business, we would like you to simply try ShoppeSimple Human Capital Solutions (with no long term commitments or sign-up contingencies).

And YES… there is even more…you must be satisfied. We will guarantee that you must be successful with the program and we will do whatever it takes to let you see what our other clients have seen…that the ShoppeSimple program provides true incremental Social recruiting value at a very affordable price. Plus there is absolutely no need for your IT Team to expend any resources to get ShoppeSimple running. We do all the work and we provide a set of measurement tools too.

So bottom line, let’s start a conversation on how ShoppeSimple can begin to assist your talent acquisition efforts using Social and Mobile Media.

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