Botox Please…Really?

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As Physicians focus on the positives of their Botox™ injections, do they minimize the risks and perhaps the need for its continued use? Is this their hook? Here is a quote from one Botox’s Physicians website. A few virtually painless injections and the lines across your forehead or around your eyes will disappear.

Unfortunately, I have sat through enough prospect meetings where the prevailing tenor of the meeting was just the opposite; it was perfectly fine to keep all of the recruiting wrinkles we have. They have worked for us in the past and will continue to do so for us into the future.

Here are some wrinkles I have heard…

  • As long as our career website exists and the ATS can take resumes, it must be working for us.
  • As long as candidates are not complaining, there’s no need to worry or improve our candidate experience.
  • Candidates I know are coming to our site on mobile, I even now they are defecting, but we will deal with fact that their experience is not ideal – next year…maybe?

Does Your Recruiting Need A Botox Injection or a Facelift?

  • When was the last time your gave your career website, social career pages and recruiting strategies a wellness check up?
  • When was the last time you did a yearly physical exam of your end-to-end recruiting processes?
  • Like your mobile candidates, have you tried to apply to your jobs on a mobile device? What were your findings? Was it painful? How much time did it take?
  • Have you communicated with candidates that are parked in your ATS waiting for a contact – post apply?

What I hear from 7 out of 10 companies, I speak with, is NO to the check up question or TOO LONG for the recruiting and mobile apply questions.

What is the result of NO or TOO Long for your valued candidates (your recruiting clients) is a career site and application process that sure could use continued Botox treatments and even better a new facelift.

You know, if you can’t see where you’re going, I guess as some of my prospects have told me, it would just be easier and cheaper to keep our recruiting efforts in park. And if you are stuck in park, it is obviously less risky to just pull over to the shoulder and let your best candidates drive by on their way to your competitor.

Do You Know Where To Go?

Looking Out Your Front Mirror Or Your Rear View Mirror?

It is soon to be 2016 and the time to step up and move your recruiting out of the early 2000’s should be now. But I am afraid that for many organizations it will be the same old…same old.

They still won’t move social and mobile recruiting into their business recruiting processes. Too Bad…

No more excuses, no more old school thinking, or head in the sand stuff.

What Should You Do?

Do you know what social and mobile tools you need to recruit the best and brightest candidates today?

  • Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn from your candidates how they want to be recruited and from where?
  • Wouldn’t it be important to get your education from candidates in social and mobile recruiting and do it now?
  • Wouldn’t you want to get into real-time discussions with your candidates so they can tell you how they want to be recruited?

Sound Risky…Not Really…

I will put my skin in the game to make you succeed!

Which senior player in your organization will get this assignment? Will they be supported and embraced to step up to lead and guide your social and mobile recruiting movement?

If Not Now…Then When?

Bottom line: if you’re interested in…

  • Improved candidate quality
  • Increase in the number of active and passive candidates applies
  • Reduce your job fill cycle time
  • Filling your own Talent Community
  • Give mobile candidates a superior apply experience
  • Do it all at lower recruiting costs

Then now is the time to get a new social and mobile recruiting facelift. Let SourceMob educate and inform you about new innovative recruiting practices for social, mobile talent acquisition.

But don’t believe for a second that Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS) companies can do this all for you. Don’t believe Talent Community Solutions companies can do this all for you. They can’t and won’t! Why because I have been working online and sharing with my clients how to market for over 15 years+ now. And if you believe a templated solution like an ATS (where one size fits all) can do all of this then I have some swampland in Arizona to sell you. Sound Harsh well not really, I just want you to be informed and make the best decisions for your organization. Heck that is my job whether you are my client or not.

I would personally welcome the opportunity to get to know your business, where you would like to move your recruiting and help you develop the information you need to make the best decision for your business. Why not email me at or call me at 952-417-6955. to discuss your recruiting objectives.

Playing Catch Up or Leading Your Industry?

Today It Is Your Choice To Decide!  

Over the last several years, I help educate the recruiting industry, and it is one of the many factors to why my company SourceMob is growing. Catch one of the many SourceMob webinars!

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I guarantee that you will learn, enjoy and walk away with tips you can use in your recruiting immediate. It’s 100% guaranteed!


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