Blogs Have Significant Influence Over Candidate Preference

Technorati Media is a leading authority on digital influence and social media with a reach of over 130 million unique monthly visitors. Recently, Technorati Media published their 2013 Digital Influence Report.  The findings regarding the power of blogging were significant.

If your Talent Acquisition Team is not blogging, you may want to consider launching one. Blogging is the most superior form of digital marketing for building influence. Influence leads to growth in traffic, connections, relationships, and applies. Simply put, building influence through blogging captures candidates.

The Majority of Online Influencers are Bloggers

According to the Technorati Digital Influence Report, 86% of influencers blog. You may think of yourself as being influential, but if you’re not blogging in the digital age, you’re likely not going to be influencing anyone online.

It doesn’t matter how active you are on social networks if you’re not connecting people to something…like your unique, editorial content.

Blogging in the Talent Acquisition space is going to grow as more firms open up to it from a regulatory perspective, and as more Talent Acquisition Pros will realize that they need to be self-publishing to attract and retain employees and capture new candidates.

Blogs Have Significant Influence Over Candidate Preference

The Technorati research report for 2013 also indicated that blogs have significant influence on candidates. Blogs rank #3 behind retail and brand sites. What this means is that YOU can build your own Talent Acquisition brand through your blog. Your blog can be a credible resource for leading candidates to make better career decisions. More importantly, you can compete with much larger competitors!

Text-based Blogging Still Dominates

Although other forms of media such as publishing images and videos on your blog are gaining ground, text-based blogging is still the number one choice of influencers who blog. Video blogging and Podcasting are also becoming a more popular mediums for creating and publishing content to your blog, but nowhere near the popularity of using text.