Beyond paid media: Marketing’s new focus…ideas from ShoppeSimple

From: Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple

Consumers are demanding changes around how they receive advertising messages and where they see them. This will force marketers to change current marketing strategies from “Push” to “Pull and Place”.

The past guidelines to online marketing was essentially “place media” and you got the traffic that you paid for from Pay Per Click, Banner Advertising, Affiliate and Email marketing et al.  Not anymore! While all of these online opportunities still play a major role in a merchant’s marketing success, companies today should be exploring new and alternative forms of media to drive online commerce.

These new forms of media all evolve around the consumer and their ability to create “socially earned” media.  This would be achieved by the consumer’s willingness to promote brand offerings to their social and mobile communities including spreading these offerings virally among their friends and family.

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At ShoppeSimple we call this new consumer marketing “Pull and Place”. Where the consumer pulls the offers from brand merchants they want to do business with and then they place these offers in any of their social and mobile distribution point(s).

This is an entirely different approach to the historical foot print of paid media and push marketing. For ShoppeSimple clients it is working fabulously.

Why? Because for the first time consumers are in control of their marketing messages, the timing of that messaging (“The Pull”), their ownership of their digital rights, the delivery and distribution of the message to where and when they want it (“The Place”). Not to mention the exponential marketing leverage from the consumer sharing brand messages to their friends and family on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and through mobile texting.

What we have seen repeatedly from client to client is that “Pull and Place” brand engagement quickly drives Social and Mobile Commerce for our clients.

What are you seeing as you look at your current channel marketing and the analytics behind them?

  • Are you spending more and getting less of a marketing return on your investments?
  • Are your margins taking a hit from increasing marketing and advertising costs?
  • Do you have the proper analytic structures to evaluate the myriad of marketing programs touching the sale (including Social and Mobile) and the knowledge around which source(s) brought you the order?

At ShoppeSimple we do not leave you guessing about where your Social and Mobile Commerce is coming from. Every week, you will get a detailed report on your Social/Mobile analytics and if you like you have the access to all of this data in real time including your orders.

Social and Mobile Commerce is more than the latest buzz word.  As the leader ShoppeSimple has made it work for our clients in terms of Social Commerce sales and profits. A case in point…we have a client who after just  4 months in our program netted over $1,400,000 in revenue using ShoppeSimple’s Social Website and Email Commerce.  That’s right!!  Another client did over $40,000 in Mobile SaaS Commerce in the first month alone and is on its way to doubling this number in month two. Can you do the same? We have zero doubt you will because each of our clients have seen similar results, so the odds are likely that we can help you too.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific online objectives. With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and Mobile Commerce program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.

I sense that if you are like other e-Tailers/Multi-Channel Retailers, you may be planning to start investing aggressively in Social and Mobile Commerce.

If so here is the bottom line: With ShoppeSimple there are no implementation fees of any kind. or budget and you will be up and running in less than 30 days. To start the process, just indicate your interest in a no-obligation discussion by replying to this email  or  calling 612-349-2740.

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