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We all know people who seem to know everyone…people who can get you in touch with just about anyone.

Malcom Galdwell in his visionary work called The Tipping Point (written in 2002), used the term “Connector” for those people who like to make connections and who are totally comfortable meeting people and offering help in facilitating connections.

It’s amazing that The Tipping Point was written 11 years ago, even before the birth of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

From a social media perspective, have you thought about where your social connectors are hanging out today? Have you thought about how to use social connectors to reach new candidates for your current positions?

As you may guess, social connectors are hanging out in Social Networks. In fact, reports that people who have 150 connections in social networks are called “Super Socials.”

Where Are Your Super Social’s Hanging Out?

84% of Super Socials are connecting on Facebook, 39% are on Twitter and 38% are on LinkedIn. Yes, that’s right, LinkedIn is NOT the only source for your social candidates. In fact, LinkedIn is light for profiles for IT, Nursing, Young Professionals and Women.

Do these numbers surprise you? They shouldn’t. also reports, Facebook is the 800 lb. Super Social Gorilla. So if you aren’t targeting your sourcing efforts towards Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you are missing a huge opportunity to engage with your potential candidates. So isn’t time to begin applying part of your candidate campaign budget to testing/learning how to source candidates other than using LinkedIn?

The Power of Word of Mouth…

  1. When asked what sources “influence” your decision to work or not work at a particular company, 71% claim connections from family members or friends exert a “great deal” or “fair amount” of influence. (Harris Interactive)
  2. Other candidate conversations are significantly more trusted — nearly 12 times more — than simple job postings.  (eMarketer)
  3. 90% of candidates trust job recommendations from people they know. (Econsultancy,)

Tapping Super Socials for Social and Mobile Job Connections?

Here’s how I see you succeeding in social recruiting. First, identify where your unique Super Social audiences are hanging out. Next, target specialized social marketing campaigns to impact these various groups. The campaign intent is to enable word of mouth conversations to flow through employee and friends networks onto Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, email and of course, Mobile Texting.

Just imagine the viral effect for your career verticals when you stimulate your candidates’ social graph. When you take the marketing time to focus on your various social audiences, it won’t take long for you to see positive outcomes from your top passive candidates, who are also driving their friends and family back to your job portal for applies and hires.

To take these discussions a step further, simply just drop me an email at or ring me at 612-349-2740. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular company situation and how you can optimize your social and mobile recruiting opportunities.



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