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“Your Social Time” is Ticking … Tick… Tock…

In last week’s post, I discussed that competitive recruiting times are not when you should hunker down and stay the course with traditional sourcing methods. Instead, one should follow the leaders and influencers in our industry.

Looking at companies such as General Electric gives us a great road map to follow. Its talent acquisition leadership invests in solutions during all economic times to find the very best talent. They step up and test new, innovative recruiting solutions to find those tough-to-find candidates. And the same goes for IBM. Last week IBM advertised it was investing in social recruiting. Do you believe these companies have it wrong? Or do they know something your organization doesn’t?

Keeping in mind that Facebook has over 1.3 billion users, and each user spends an average of 14 hours a month on Facebook (double from 2011), it is clear that candidates are spending less time on your career site. This shows that they want your job engagement to go to them, wherever they are online or on mobile.

Add in the additional 300 or more million Twitter users, 1 billion Google+ profiles and 333 million LinkedIn users and ask yourself this question: How can you defer your social recruiting plans any longer? Shouldn’t this be your organization’s top priority?

Plus, did you now that in its recent investor call, Amazon reported it is raking in billions of dollars in sales annually through mobile? So how can you not be using mobile to provide candidates a way to apply on their mobile phone?

However, be aware that mobile apply is NOT social engagement. Your ATS company may pitch you that it is, but when you look under the hood, it is just a Band-Aid put on to keep the ATS relevant in today’s recruiting world.

Your Challenge Is Not When … But How?

Last week, I gave you ideas on how I would build social career recruiting channels. This week, I will conclude the post with seven more ideas that you can use in your social recruiting right away. My hope is that these call outs will assist your strategy, development and execution of your social talent acquisition. It is also my hope that helping you build a social recruiting channel will enable you to net hard-to-find candidates.

So let’s go … enjoy these ideas and, like anything social, please share your comments with me at or leave a comment below.

“Key” Social Recruiting Things to Do…

1. Deploy a Candidate Engagement Strategy: This is all about socializing your current career digital assets to create relevant conversations on your career website and career social pages — the online places where your candidates are already hanging out and in conversations with their friends and colleagues.

Why are you putting your social icons in the footer of your home page? Ask your vice president of marketing or eCommerce if you can put their email capture at the bottom of the company homepage and see what he or she says. The answer would be swift. He or she would say, “Are you crazy?” Email, and email capture, is their online marketing golden goose. For the last 15 years, putting social career icons on your career site along with an email capture in the header of your career and social channels has proven to capture passive candidate engagement.

2. Stop Wasting Time Capturing The Wrong Likes: Stop employing desperate strategies like sweeps — contests with flashy prizes that’s goals are to generate hoards of fans, followers or circles. They often attract fans that don’t really care about your business and are not good candidates anyway. Frankly, you can be more imaginative than that. These are in-effective, worn-out acquisition strategies that don’t fit in the new social business space. Not to mention you don’t own this data. The social channels do.

You just have to look at the Facebook interface, where Mr. Zuckerberg is reducing the importance of Likes and increasing the importance of branded published content. Think about how quickly you can become a publisher of relevant content to integrate with your candidates on Facebook?

3. Distribute the Right Content: Going down memory lane, in the mid-1990s, I asked my consumer to “Like” my website by having them give us their email address. Your consumer traded their email address for unique, compelling and exclusive content.

Not surprisingly, our research shows that when you distribute unique, relevant content on Facebook and other social channels, you won’t have to worry about aggregating the number of fans, because at the end of the day it’s not the quantity of fans you have, but the quality that counts. How they respond and convert applies and hires is what will matter most going forward.

4. It’s Not About You, Baby: Stop posting content that is overly promotional and talks too much about how super awesome your organization is. This is not a benefit to your candidate and does not generally come across as genuine. Determine what benefits your candidates are interested in and why they would want to work for your organization, and then deliver this content everywhere. Find out what your fans care to hear about from you, and what makes them want to have conversations with you.

5.Social Response Management: Efficient social response management is key to anything done in social. Just like the call activity you have in your call center, would your Telco Ops Manager purposely leave people on hold or not pick up the order or service call? Make sure your recruiters are willing to support your social connections.

6. Take a Horizontal Approach to Social Recruiting: After first establishing a social recruiting strategy for content, conversation and engagement, make sure you also holistically enable your employees to help you recruit, especially in the tough-to-fill job areas. They will only want to help you. Organizational energy extends this approach horizontally across your organization. Don’t get caught up once again in the turf battles or silos between traditional marketing communications and recruiting. Recruiting and talent acquisition own their career website and social career sites. End this folly now unless you want marketing communications to hire your staff too!

7. Track your Social Business Progress: Make sure you have social tracking in place that can measure how your social recruiting program is working, including which job campaigns are working and which ones are not. Analytics and measurement are key ingredients to any successful online channel, and it is no different in social recruiting. Make sure you make time every day to check in so you can monitor the level of engagement and conversations going on in your social recruiting program.

Finally the last word… from the Wall Street Journal…                          

For a World Where Facebook Is the New Internet”

“Facebook itself, sees content as a way to bring people to the site and keep them there, interacting with each other, buying stuff and getting served ads.” So if it is good enough for Facebook, why isn’t it good enough for your talent acquisition efforts? But the key is to develop your own career social pages on all of the key social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and mobile). If you think 3.5-plus billion people don’t have clout, stay tuned. Your recruiting business depends on it.

My hope is you take these ideas and use them for your social recruiting business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just give me a call at 952-417-6955 or email me at to start a discussion.

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