Are you Measuring your ROI for Recruiting?

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Is it surprising in this economy that executives from the CEO, CFO to HR/Talent Acquisition Executives, are all asking their Teams to justify any investments planned for 2016 with ROI (Return On Investment) calculations?

I hope this is not a surprise because this justification process should already be ROI 101 for all company divisions. Now even HR Department spending should escape this accountability.. If you are responsible to put new HR/Talent Acquisition technologies in place, it is even more difficult to justify new tools, such as Social Recruiting, Mobile and Employee Referral technologies, without demonstrating solid ROI metrics. Therein lies the catch 22. How do you show your leadership an ROI metric for something you haven’t tried? Something which is new?

As you know, headcount is typically one of the most expensive line items on the Company P&L. Along with that, there is an attitude that the HR Department is considered in most companies a cost center, not a profit center.

There has been much written on the topic of HR cost vs. profit center and it is not my goal to debate this here. My mission is to help my colleagues leapfrog traditional “old school” hurdles and thinking when planning on new technologies.

My hope is to assist with the education of your management to finally realize that social, mobile and employee referral technologies are as essential to their organization as a website, Employer Branding or using an Applicant Tracking System is in today’s recruiting.

As you would guess with anything new, there are early adopters and those (the majority) who need more time to hear from others that there truly is an ROI coming from social and mobile recruiting.

If you knew how many candidates were visiting your career pages and of that segment how many were mobile visitors, would this information help change your mind about the importance of moving into mobile recruiting? If you could take this data and view an Insight Report of a similarly sized company in your industry that includes specific details as to how social and mobile provided more qualified candidates and lowered recruiting costs…Would these facts help change your mind? Would it help to change your mind about jumping into social, mobile and employee social sharing, if you could extrapolate those cost savings, the growth of your talent pipeline and also see how your employees through their social networks can help fill your open positions faster?

I know it will! This is why we take the extra step to educate our clients and also how we win our business every day. For us it is always about providing the ROI to justify the investment and added success of using SourceMob Solutions.

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Jeffery Giesener

CEO/Founder SourceMob


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