Are Consumers TRUSTING You?…ideas from ShoppeSimple Network

Do consumers TRUST your brand?

How would you know?

What TRUST measurements/analytics are in place to prove what you believe? If you are right have you asked yourself and organization then why are site analytics and comparables down year over year? Perhaps, you’ve asked the question; Why are my channel marketing costs rising yet,  we are not seeing more traffic coming to the site at a cost per visit we can afford?

If you have your consumer’s TRUST why are email opens just 20% and declining. Why are email clickthroughs at the lowest level in years? Why are orders being touched by multi-channel and therefore the marketing spend per order is higher this year than last? What channels are providing my orders at the lowest cost per order?

Why do we have less than 1/10 of 1% of our traffic “Liking”, “Following” or Sharing our content on Facebook and Twitter. Why have we yet to find a way to engage with our Mobile consumer? If we have our consumer’s “TRUST” then why are we not doing something with them in mobile? What is our mobile strategy for 2011? When is it executing? You mean we don’t have one to launch in time for Holiday 2011? Lost time in our business is obviously lost revenue.

Does this all sound like a broken record…well it is designed to be…in repetition comes glimmers of aha moments and then breakthrough moments of geezz finally…We Got It… This is why I continue to pound home on these concepts week after week. It is what we coach our new clients on too. Deftly taking them over their “Bridge to Believe” around Social and Mobile Commerce, which obviously isn’t easy for them either. Who said it would be easy to change your culture? Who said it would be easy to go where you haven’t gone before?

But The ShoppeSimple Network (SSN) has 3rd party marketing service tools that make it really simple, easy and timely to have TRUSTED conversations with consumers which inevitably drive incremental business. In fact, your SSN program soup to nuts will be up and running in less than 10 days without any implementation fees. Your social and mobile conversations will begin that fast and in less than 30 days you will have new incremental revenue coming to your business. We also have a growing collaborative merchant network; now 126 strong who are defining social and mobile best practices. You get to be part of that too.

A pure-permission portal, the first of its kind, where consumers get to select the merchant(s) they want to have a conversation through Pull-Place-Buy-Share™.marketng.

To gain a sense of how the consumer experience works click over to and click on the SSN Power Button at the top right of the page. Then click on the + sign and play with the consumer sharing tools for Social and Mobile sharing. We are excited about this growth and we are pacing at around 50 new client relationships each week.

I have been asked all the time why are merchants inclined to work with The ShoppeSimple Network?

One of the key components of our success is that we enable consumers to gain control over their advertising, since traditional marketing methods, such as push-n-pray no longer work. For years merchants believed that the best way to reach customers was to spray them with a fire hose of untargeted, or irrelevant offers something we’ve termed Push-N-Pray marketing model. Why would you want to do this when you consumer has already said please stop doing this! No Mas!!

Again look at your metrics are they going in the right direction? Consumers see value in seeing relevant offers that are highly targeted and decide to buy more frequently because of this targeting. They then Share these offers with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, email and through mobile contacts.

Social conversations and Sharing is by far the new marketing game today. So are you participating in this game? What do you need to do?

Will you wait to reorganize your website and have your IT accomplish this for you? How long will that take? How frustrated are you willing to get? Do you also receive pressure from above to accomplish social and mobile? Isn’t it time to look at outsourcing this important function?

We met with a client this week that said it would take a year for us to incorporate social and mobile capabilities to our website Do you hear the same response from your IT folks? What is your work around plan?

Does your website or store channel marketing enable this level of consumer control, trust, anonymity, data protection (not selling their data online or off) and even a bigger question are you forcing today’s consumer to come back to your site or is your site moving to your consumer

If your answer is yes…then to whom?

These are the Conversations and TRUST factors that are key to marketing to today’s Social and Mobile enabled consumers. So where is your TRUST check list?

At The ShoppeSimple Network through our Shopping Portal for the first time consumer are in control of their marketing. They can see your offers and passively Pull-Place-Buy-Share them their Facebook Wall and share with their Likes, Tweet their Followers on Twitter and through email and mobile text and send to their contacts. All of this leads to several ShoppeSimple Network           key ingredients, which are guaranteed to grow your business.

1.    You will get new customers from social and mobile sharing.

2.    You will get higher average orders from your consumers because they are continually seeing offers from you multiple times a day, 365 days a year.

3.    They are giving you permission to reach them where they are. Not where you are!

4.    You will get more frequency of buying from your consumers due to repetitive target marketing.

5.    You will reactivate older buyers who have left you. They come back because you are treated them differently….

6.    You will positively affect your brand consumer’s user experience.

7.    You will positively affect your customer service.

All of these are guaranteed because The ShoppeSimple ShoppeHub page makes all of this happen.  Check out this link here <Claire add a link to the Signals Hub>

What is the ShoppeHub Bridge Page?

As you can see from this link <Claire pick a link from a direct merchant>, when you join The ShoppeSimple Network you get a position on and a ShoppeHub page to display your targeted product offers or content

How do you know it is so? Well simple stop thinking about email being so cheap and look at your open rates of email. Now if it would cost you 25 cents to send an email could you afford to use this channel as you have been doing…Push-N-Pray, then add in the declining site traffic numbers and the obvious growth of Facebook, Twitter and Mobile and what are your conclusions about continuing your Push-N-Pray marketing.

But if Push-Pray isn’t working, what is? The ShoppeSimple Network is, we’ve invented Pull-Place-Buy-Share™ marketing and here’s how it works…

Why the  SSN ShoppeHub bridging page is better than your Website’s landing page.

The ShoppeSimple Network offer a a chance for the consumer to choose relevant merchandise based on the category that they are interested in, (such as men’s, women’s, etc. in the case of fashion merchandise). Allowing consumers to gain control to select targeted offers/content they are interested in is the ultimate marketing lever and tipping point. Again it is all about TRUST.

Yes this type of marketing is different from the past. So what is wrong with that? The past should be in the past. The new game is all about TRUSTED REFERRALS and with all due respect…your toast is burning around your consumer’s TRUST with the style of your Push-N-Pray marketing and now you have an opportunity to earn it back using a 3rd party to help you

That 3rd party is The ShoppeSimple Network. Also consumers are already bypassing traditional website pages or landing pages and want to pull relevant and highly targeted content that they control. That means your offers need to find your consumers on their social communities or on mobile.

Because consumers can now control their content/offers and select the ones that are highly relevant they will also want to buy and share them with their friends in all social media communities and mobile. The ShoppeHub page makes it incredibly easy for consumers to anonymously browse your offers and select what is relevant for them with clicks. They then can also easily send trusted referral through Facebook, Twitter, email and mobile texting.

What are the advantages of the ShoppeHub Bridge page for the merchant?

Because consumers can “shop” as you would “window shop” in an anonymous fashion (like not having a sales person approach you if are outside the store), and only shop for the items they are interested in as in the “correct aisle” of a brick and mortar store for specific items. The Average Order will be higher, new customer and reactivation will be higher, conversions will be greater, frequency of orders will be much higher. We have seen these metrics in case study after client case study. And since they can easily share offers and content with their friends you will see a whole new flow of new customers driving incremental sales to your business. Wouldn’t you buy from a website or store your friend told you about? Of course you would that is the TRUSTED Referral component of Social and mobile conversations and sharing

A further advantage to the consumer is that once an item is selected they can use any or all of our sharing tools at the bottom of the “drop down box” to share them with their friends, thereby virally increasing the reach of that particular offer. We know that most people have “friends” on social media sites because they have some sort of a relationship with that person and likely have similar interests.

Location is everything

We always suggest to merchants that they can increase social captures 10 fold if they place the ShoppeSafe power button at the top of the page on their website or email or Facebook pages. It’s the old saying Location Location, Location. In this way the button is visible and doesn’t get lost in the clutter of the page. Now let’s take that one step further. If you are looking for a particular item on the merchant’s web site (for example, let’s say “men’s ties”) and you see a button directing you to sale items in that particular category you are more than likely to make a purchase. Again we have proven this time and again with our services.

In fact, to prove the value of The ShoppeSimple Network to your organization through April 30th you have a couple choices to get started with us. Your business can be on simply and easily and can get started with your Free monthly trial and learn how your business can benefit from the marketing of and The ShoppeSimple Network through solid data and real time sales.  You can also immediately decide to try us for 4 months for the price of 3. That is a 25% savings. And we will include the entire ShoppeSimple Network suite of services with this trial program. Your monthly subscription fee is determined by your traffic numbers,

Simply fill out the form <Claire Free trial Link here> and we will be in touch to begin your Trial.

So bottom line, if you would like to see your average orders go up, drive new incremental business and gain new customers, reactivate older buyers and increase frequency of with new incremental business.

Call me at 612-349-2740 or email to get your Free Trial started now